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Post-Workout Power Shake


3 eggs, half a banana, skim milk and vanilla escence, blended together an hour or so after training. (still having protein shake with carbs straight after)



thats it?

have 5 of those then call it a power shake :wink:


HALF a banana?
SKIM milk?

Man, be careful not to overdo the calories in this power shake!

[sarcasm off]
It does not look like much at all. If you're having a shake with carbs anyway why not just have that, and than after a short while a regular meal?


WOuldn't wanna get too huge now, just wanna look like Brad Pit in Fight club, or maybe Ryan Reynolds :slight_smile:



Blade 3 Ryan Reynolds or Green Lantern Ryan Reynolds? I wouldn't mind a will power ring.


My opinion:

1.) Drop the eggs. You won't be able to assimilate any protein out of raw egg whites. Plus you're not Rocky and they tell me E.coli is detrimental to ones physique goals.

2.) Skim milk isn't bad, but would add some casein powder for some sustained amino acid release (I'm assuming here that your post-workout shake is high GI with some whey isolate or other such fast-acting protein)

3.) Throw in some frozen berries to help scavenge free radicals produced during your workout. I actually add frozen kale to my shakes, which surprisingly tastes pretty good.

4.) A healthful scoop of D-Bol, amphetamines and gunpowder will contribute significantly to overall feelings of vitality and pep :wink:


I've been doing this shake recently with good results:

Whey Protein
Whole Milk
Bushel of Bananas
Baby Formula
Half a rack of Ribs
1 Rotisserie Chicken
Sleeve of Oreo Cookies
Scoop of Icecream
12 Assorted Munchkins
Shot of Bourbon
Glazed Honey Ham
Cadbury Egg
Handful of Cheerios

Its very dense with muscle nutrients.


The above recipes power level is OVER 9000


whole eggs...youll get nothing from that, eggs must be pasteurized {minimum} in order to be digested, and sat fat with carbs is...nonsensical. rice, potatoes, and dead animal parts would be a step in the right direction maybe... and wtf is vanilla essence?


makes the drink taste like vanilla. yea i might just have some rice and turkey. i was thinking of a shake just to make it easy so dont need to cook and that. doesnt raw egg digest as fast as cooked egg? if i was to make a shake what would i put in it? i read on an article here that liquids digest quicker then food so would help for muscle recovery and what not


i read somewhere on this site, i think the 10 top myths of post workout or something that the best thing after my post workout shake is another protein shake? is this right? if not what would i put in it to get good nutrients for muscle recovery and fulness


regular meal with carbs?


I am under the impression that this is a false statement...

Unless I'm confused about pasteurization


Right now I tend to have more carbs with my pre-workout meal (about 3-4h pre-workout, since I use a lot of peri-workout stuff) than with my post-workout meal (1h post). It's been recommended to me by several people and feels better. So I have about 100g carbs with breakfast (pre) and 50g with lunch (post).

I suggest you try it both ways and see what works best for you.


Ive heard fruits good too, why would eggs be good? If it wasnt cooked then wouldnt it digest quicker??


1) Fruit - in addition to the obvious (fibre, vitamins) fruit also provide fructose, the content of which varies between different fruits - remember, not all sugar in fruit is fructose. Now, fructose may not be the "best" carb, since it preferentially replenishes liver glycogen and not muscle glycogen, but apparently muscle glycogen is replenished better if liver glycogen is also replenished / full / something along these lines. Bottom line - have some fruit, not too much. I'd rather have fruit with solid meals than peri-workout, but I don't really have a solid reason for that other than speed of digestion.

2) Eggs - You only absorb about 50% of the protein in raw eggs, versus about 90% of protein from cooked eggs AFAIK. If you want speed go for either hydrolyzed casein (like MAG-10 - super fast) or whey isolate (moderately fast). I generally treat all solid food as "slow" compared to those two, although there are some differences (whole eggs vs whites, lean meat vs fat meat).


Hmmm, I myself haven't read that anywhere, but it could be. Although I can't see why slow-release protein and some healthful low GI fruit and vegetables could in any way be bad for your physique goals.