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post workout nutruition

okay i’ve searched the forum for this topic and couldn’t really get much of an answer so i’m hoping you guys can educate me and help make some decision, i really need the help. okay i’ve gotten back in gym (i’ve been outta work for a bit) and everythings great. i’m looking at my budget and i want to get the Advanced Protien. I’m also looking to start the myostatin. yes i know its bit of a long term thing and not as quick as mag-10 but i’m willing to put in the time. However for post workout nutruition i see Power Surge is amazing stuff, but i can’t afford to get something thats gonna cost me alot and only last me 10 workouts. I’m in canada and it’s pricey. Now here is where i need some great help. Can you suggest something i can use instead of Power Surge (or until i can afford it)? something i can whip up in terms of my own post workout shake? i would really appreciate and thanks.

Search “homemade” in the forums, or use on of the many articles such as “Solving the postworkout puzzle”

get yourself some cheap, but quality fast acting whey protein. some cheap creatine, and glutamine. mix it up post workout with some fruit juice and youve got yourself a post workout cocktail. then about an hour later have yourself a regular meal with some protein and carbs. you will effectively replenish your glycogen and enhance protein synthesis.

thanks, i looked up the “solving the post workout puzzle” and basically i got this as per the article:

  • Increase glycogen stores
  • Increase protein synthesis
  • Decrease protein breakdown"

also they are saying to ingest somthing that has something along the lines of 0.4 g of protein/kg of body weight with some carbs to produce the insulin spike. I understand that. but since Advance Protein isn’t really meant for post workout nutruition, what can I use in for post workout. remember right now i cannot afford Power Surge. so i need something in place of that or something homemade in place of that. any suggestions? Thanks a lot guys for the suggestions.