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Post Workout Nutrition

This may be a silly question, but it has to do with post workout nutrition.
Now, from everything I’ve read, to obtain maximum results you need to have a 3 or 2 to 1 ratio of carbs to protein in liquid form immediately after your workout.
My question is, if you are currently unable to have your post workout shake (I’m out of Surge and haven’t received my new shipment yet), would a meal replacement bar that had a good ratio of carbs to protein be sufficient to eat after my workout? I know that the bars take longer to digest than their powdered counterpart, but this is hopefully a one-time occurance.
The only other solution that comes to mind is to stop by the gym’s smoothie bar and have them make a special shake for me that has the ratio of carbs and protein that I need.

That would be a fun conversation with the smoothie girl, even assuming they stock whey at the bar.

I recommend picking up some high-quality whey at a nutrition store or supermarket. Read the label. If it doesn’t have the right kind of sugar added, pick up some Powerade, too (not Gatorade, which is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup–wrong kind of PWO sugar). I can also recommend bulk maltodextrin or dextrose from a brewing store, but it’s a bit too much trouble if you’ll have Surge in a few days.

If your workouts are fairly short (~20-30 min) you can probably get away with an MRP powder or even oatmeal and and egg whites. Avoid the bars; after training, you need the highest quality nutrition available.

blue powerade and whey isolate. For a while my post workout nutrition consisted of 2 promax bars (here come the ?'s). That was a tasty postworkout meal.

Da Boxer

Concur with the oatmeal. I actually mix oatmeal or fiber one into my shake. If you really want a high glycemic surge, throw a tablespoon of honey in there. When you say “liquid carbs,” keep in mind you can throw bul carbs into a shake, and it mixes quite easily (wheat germ, oatmeal, fiber one, etc)

Grab the local Yellow Pages and search for Home Brewing supply stores. Get yourself some maltodextrin and corn sugar. Mix it into a shaker bottle with vanilla whey at a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio, along with a teaspoon of Crystal Light Strawberry-Orange-Banana and five grams of plain creatine. Sugar-free Kool-Aid works great as well (i.e., orange or black cherry).

I hate running out of surge! One of the best supplements ever!!!