Post Workout Nutrition When Training at Night

often times I don’t get finished training until 9:30pm, don’t get home until 10, and go to bed at 11. Should I still be sure to consume my post workout carbs even though it is that close to bed time??


[quote]skohcl wrote:

x2 Hell, do it right and you might just hypo yourself right to sleep, lol

Note that Thibaudau’s uber-protocol is leaning towards carbs pre workout, and basically no carbs post.

So, whatever it is you want to eat/drink post workout… do it. I recommend that protein be one of those things.

It depends…

Are you fatter than you would like to be?
What are your workouts like?
What is more important to you at the moment losing lard or getting bigger?

you need some sort of nutrition immediately after you train, no matter if you’re trying to lose bodyfat, gain muscle, etc. My advice, seeing as how you’re 21% bodyfat, just to make it easier on yourself, is to have 2 cups of o.j. mixed with 2 scoops of whey. Drink that. Go to sleep.

You’ll probably make some nice gains because you’re sleeping RIGHT after you train. I always try to take a little nap if I can afford the time after I train, even if my post workout shake is sitting in my stomach, I’ll drink it, nap for 45 minutes, then go have another meal.

It DOES NOT depend.

Yes, you eat an amount of carbs PWO late at night. You WILL use them for the correct thing and not store them regardless.

If you are dieting to lose fat, then limit them to just 20-30g… if bulking then knock yourself out. But either way, you do add some carbohydrate to your PWO meal.

Yes. I would personally drink 2 scoops whey, 2 cups milk (mixed together), and an apple. I believe an apple has around 25g of carbs, and it’s Low GI.

I am actually not dieting down, I’m bulking, and am nowhere NEAR 21% bodyfat(wtf?) just a tad worried about excess fat gain is all! Thanks alot guys.