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Post-Workout Nutrition when bulking


Hey everyone i have a question and wanted to get some feedback on what people think.

I will begin a bulking phase soon and i train in the evenings, after my training i have my post work meal or shake rather, and then i have 2 more meals.

Is it better to have those meals as
8.30pm protein & CARBS
11.15pm Protein & fat

OR both meals as protein and fats

OR both as Protein & Carbs

calorie wise both meals will refelct the fact that i am bulking. I am asking this as i want to minimise fat gains although i know when u bulk you do put on some adipose tissue.

any thoughts???


Tokman, I'd really like to see you read John Berardi's article, "Solving the Post-Workout Puzzle," Parts I & II. It explains how to optimize PWO nutrition.

Just quickly, I'd recommend that you take in Surge PWO. It will help with recovery, enhance protein synthesis and squelch the rise in cortisol PWO. The fact that it tastes awesome (like angel food cake) is secondary. (wink)

From there, take in at least one starchy-carb P+C meal 90 minutes after drinking Surge. Since you're bulking 2 starchy-carb meals would probably be better. By starchy carbs, I mean yams, sweet potatoes, rice, oatmeal.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask. Good luck on your program. Let me know how it goes!!!


When bulking I personally have my Surge shake immediatley after a workout followed by 2 more protein carb meals within the next 4 hrs. I do best with the Waterbury post workout nutritional plan; eat as much carbs and protein in the hours following a workout.
I know a lot of people recommend protein & fat meals before bed but I believe if your workout was within the last six hours then carbs won't be stored as fat. However, if you notice an increase in your body fat then change your last meal to protein & fat. On non-workout days I would definitley make your last meal P & F.




Listen to TT :slight_smile:

"Surge" immediately following workout along with a P+C meal shortly thereafter. The other P+C is a great idea too because you are "bulking". R-ALA will help your body deal with the carb intake to your benefit if you want to supplement with it.


thanks guys and gal, and i have some R-ALA as well so p+c x2 is it then

can't wait!!!!


No need to waste the R-ala on your Pwo drink and possibly not the first meal. Your body is allready in the state that you are looking for as far as storing the carbs in muscle. Save the r-ala for the second meal and possibly the first if you are really worried.

Just trying to save you some cash.




I will definately use the ala for breakfast and then any other carb meal, i had not intended on using it for my pwo or the meal after but definately for the final meal of the day.