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Post-Workout Nutrition Problem?


Guys, after working really hard at the Gym in the morning I just want to crash the rest of the day. My workouts are full body with heavy squatting and complexes involved. I am in a fuzzy state after the fact and the only thing that refreshes me is sleep but that doesn't really sit well with work if you know what I am saying.

I take Surge post workout and usually eat a 6 egg omelet when I get home about 1.5 hrs later. I've been on a clean diet and on a loose diet and this happens on both. I am trying to figure out if this is a nutritional problem or just somthing I have to live with? Thanks!


Hmm...hard to say, why don't you post your whole diet for a day and we can take a look at it.


It sounds like you are experiencing a blood sugar crash.

Make sure you have eaten a big meal within 90 minutes before you start training. If it's been longer than that, eat again.

I've found that I need to eat something 30-45 minutes after Surge, or I get sleepy. Eat some food 30 minutes after your Surge then another meal an hour after that.

If you keep the fuel intake steady that should help.


Wow, same for me. MUST eat meal 30-45 minutes after Surge. I also make sure to eat carbs in that meal, even when dieting.


Also, are youg getting enough sleep the night before?

I find that when I have not had enough sleep the night before and work out in the morning, I am fucked afterwards.


The morning is more closely monitored then the rest of the day.

4 AM Wake
415 20 Grams of Protein & 30 Grams of Carbs in a shake
430 Spike
5 Warmup (10min of running)
630 Workout End
640 4 Scoops of Surge (Moving to Whey & Swiss Miss Hot Choc., I LOVE Surge but working out 5 days a week is spendy!)
745 6 Egg Omelet w/ Chz & 1.5 Cups of Raisin Bran w/1 Cup of Milk
Following this I eat about every 3 hours with a 30 g. protein shake starting each of these meals.


At this point I am floating around 6 hours of sleep due to the early start although I am slowly working up to 7-8 hours. I would agree this is a little of the issue but I am not always at a deficit in the sleep department and still experience the same issue.


Why are you using 4 scoops of Surge post training? No wonder it's expensive for you. Instead of eliminating it all together, why not just cut back to a more reasonable dose. Besides, I don't think whey and hot chocolate mix will do nearly as much for recovery.

Too many people go from one extreme to the other when the best option often lies in the middle.

I'd also look into increasing your carbohydrate consumption in the PWO meal. Try replacing the Raisin Bran with 1.5 cups (before cooking) of Oatmeal with some blueberries mixed in after cooking. I also mix in Metabolic Drive (vanilla).


You might simply be training beyond your ability to recover. Try lowering the volume. In addition, what do you do for a workout that requires 5 days on? I am a bit of a 4 day on MAX advocate. I think the resting period is not taking advantage of enough.


not only is the Surge pricey at 4 scoops, you're also dumping a ton of sugar into your system at once, no wonder you're crashing.

if you want to keep up with 4 scoops, try spacing it out over pre, during and PWO


Too much Surge at one time in my opinion. No wonder you are crashing. In my opinion, you'd be better off with a scoop immediately before working out, sipping a scoop during your workout, and a normal two-scoop serving PWO. Your post-workout meal should also have better carb sources in my mind too. You'd be better off with quinoa or oats and fruit and a low[not zero]-fat protein source than cereal and milk and eggs in my opinion. I think these changes would help a lot.


May I heartily recommend some waxy maize. Doesn't make you want to throw up like dextrose and gets a lot of carbs in your system quickly.

My experience of crashing after the gym was cured when I jacked up my food intake a lot.

However I also used to crash badly when I carbed up on a very low-carb diet. How is your eating the rest of the week? (Low carb maybe?)




I'm new here but,could you be over training? Do you eat enough complex carbs post work-out? Staying hydrated? Even if you are taking in a recovery drink, you may still need some carbs/fiber that will stick with you in the day. Make sure you are eating every couple to 3 hours a day as well. Good luck, keep me posted.


Sorry for the delay, I am on the V-Diet now and have been busy which pretty much has turned me into a vegetable lately but I think I am over my carb withdrawls now so I will get back to posting. I'm going to check into the waxy maize, and as for the Surge you guys are saying I am taking too much? I was just following the bottle guidelines and this program. http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=1929120

Joel says this should not push into over training... Thoughts? And if I was going to use Surge 5 days a week what dosage then? Thanks Guys!


A dose of Surge is 2 scoops (< 200 lbs) or 3 (>200 lbs). Cut back to 3 and see how you feel. If you still feel tired, then cut back to 2.5 or even 2 scoops. More is not better. It's about finding what works for you.

Take Surge earlier. Not 10 minutes after. Start taking it during your workout.

Also, move your PWO meal earlier. Try 45 minutes after Surge, and 30 minutes after Surge.

I feel best with a smaller than recommended dose of Surge, followed by a slow-digesting meal 30 minutes (or no more than 45) later that includes carbs and lots of fiber. Your meal looks OK except for the milk, which might be bumping your insulin too high.

Finally, space your meals closer than 3 h following the workout. More like 2 h. So

6:30 as workout ends, finish last bit of Surge
7:00 slow-digesting PWO meal
9:00 meal
11:30 meal
2:30 meal


Hang on here guys, my Surge container says 3 level scoops for <200lb and 4 levels scoops for >200lb. I'm looking at my container and I don't understand, did they change the label?


i think different flavors are different in the scoops.

chocolate is 2 scoops for under 200lbs and 3 scoops for over 200


CrvtWanabe - So just for clarification, you're V-dieting while doing stripped down hypertrophy? Have you written to Joel in his stripped down hypertrophy thread? I think I recall seeing him explicitly state that the program is not for those on a calorie deficit in the discussion of that article.

If that's the case, you may want to consider a program more conducive to your goals, or at least see if Joel has any recommendations for altering the program for dieters (e.g. going 3 days per week, reducing volume, etc.).


All this info pretains to my training outside of the V-Diet. I got back from a cruise and needed to cleanup. I will resume normal lifting at 7-8% BF.