Post-workout nutrition on Fat Fast

I jut tried a search on previous threads and couldn’t find any info. Anybody ever experiment with Surge (or any postworkout carbs and protein) during a Fat Fast. I remember reading that, if taken immediately, it won’t cause any problems with fat storage on T-Dawg. Would the same apply to Fat Fast?

Every diet works, however, extreme ketogenic diets like Fat Fast do not include carb loaded postworkout nutrition.

ya no post carbs on FF, tho you could modify it and have post carbs, just don’t call it Brock’s FF, man after a upper body workout (like chest and tris) I feel so freakin tired… for about an hour or two. I don’t remmember feeling that tired while doing the carb post workout deal.

I’ve been doing something between a keto fat fast diet and after my workouts I’ve been adding 25g of glutamine to my protein shake. Hoping it will help a bit. Been doing this for about 2 weeks and I will only be doing it for 2 more. That shit gets expensive too.