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Post Workout Nutrition on a Budget

I’m a full time college student on an EXTREMELY tight budget, I can’t afford Surge or the like. Any suggestions on what I should do for post workout nutrition?

Sell Blood (or Plasma!) Its worth it.

I believe there is a great market for kidneys too…

Try concocting your own shakes based on the info here. Skim milk powder, eggs, and milk have long been the staple of post workout shakes for students. But I think if you’re going to buy actual supplements you should pay for the good quality stuff.

[quote]WhoIsJohnGalt wrote:
I’m a full time college student on an EXTREMELY tight budget, I can’t afford Surge or the like. Any suggestions on what I should do for post workout nutrition?

I’ve thought about this before. Surge is approximately $2 a serving. What the fuck could you get of any nutritional value for less than $2 a serving? Gatorade + protein bar? Easily $4. Sugar diluted in water + Grilled Chicken sandwich from McDonalds? That’d be marginally cheaper, but severly lacking in nutritional value.

Bar none, you cannot get anything better for post-workout than Surge, at any price. It is just a happy coincidence that Biotest’s policy of only selling diectly to us allows them to make Surge not only the best, but also the cheapest choice.

If your budget is that tight, how well are you really eating the other 4-5 meals each day? Maybe your money should go towards that. I have attained very nice results at time, and maintained my health without using Surge. If you can’t afford quality food, I even think Dr. Berardi might say Surge shouldn’t be your first consideration.

Take a look at the mix of proteins and sugars in Surge. You can probably make a ghetto version with some non-fat milk and yogurt. I haven’t looked at this specifically, but you might need to up the sugar content a little bit to get enough of an insulin spike. If you can afford it, getting some Classic Grow! would work quite well in that mix.

Go to the grocery store, buy 3 of those extremely cheap burritos (3 for 1$ in the frozen section). That is over 1000 calories. Add 1 scoop of GROW! Optionally add 1-3 of those generic pastries for a similar price, now we are at almost 2000 calories for 2 dollars.

If this isn’t what you were looking for, perhaps you might want to browse the grocery store for yourself. I am sure a bright college student shouldn’t have too much trouble figuring this out.

im also on a budget so heres what i take:

40 grams of whey protein concentrate (75% protein - i get big 5kg tubs for like ?34 - whatever the dollar equivalent of that is

40 grams of plain old sugar

40 grams of maltodextrin (5kg tubs for ?25)

5 grams of creatine.

mix it all together and voila! obviously adjust the ratios for your own needs.

Oh man, if Shugart or Berardi catch wind of this they’re going to have a fit.

If you haven’t listened to Berardi’s double tap, do so as soon as you get a chance. He’ll talk about why Surge is better and not much more expensive than any “ghetto” mix you can make.

All that aside, if you really can’t afford anything, Berardi recommends skim milk. That’s it, skim milk.

Good Luck

I use skim milk fortified with dextrose and (unflavored) whey concentrate.

Skim milk and honey. Honey has some sucrose in it, so you get a better insulin spike. Tastes good, too.

It’s definetely not Surge, but I’ve used it and it suffices, at least when I’m not doing very high volume or very frequent workouts.

[quote]smallnomore wrote:
All that aside, if you really can’t afford anything, Berardi recommends skim milk. That’s it, skim milk.

Good Luck[/quote]

Actually, I think he said chocolate (skim) milk. It’s better than nothing. And cheap too.

Steal. That’s what I did when I was on a budget.

32oz gatorade + 1-1&1/2scoops whey depending on your mix gives me
60G Carbs 30G Protien, the gatorade is made to replanish anyway, haven’t gotten any Surge yet but the order should be in in a bit. It was always out when I had the funds. the gatorade is a buck if you get it on sale and stock up, then whatevre the cost of a serving of your Whey maybe $1.50-$2.00 total.

Well, as Berardi said, nothing is going to hit Surge’s quality for two main reasons, the whey hydroslate, and the bcaas.

Hydroslate is disgusting tasting by itself normally, and relatively expensive(?)

BCAAs are also expensive generally in the levels that you are getting in Surge, especially if you are looking for specific aminos, and not wasting money getting a whole spectrum of them.

Distant cheap second? There’s the milk idea unless you’re lactose intolerant or sensitive.

In the past I’ve done apple juice + creatine, followed immediately by a generic whey low carb protein shake. I’ve also gone the honey route, if I was not doing creatine at the time.

Then there have been times I’ve hit up ice cream postworkout, but I don’t recommend that unless you’re a hardgainer.

I would strongly advise that you stay away from the burritoes and pastries and what not that some people have advised though. Those are assuredly full of loads of artificial crap, not to mention transfats, tons of salt, and unneccesarily high levels of both fat and sugar.

Thanks to all for the advice, I think I’m going to try non-fat chocolate milk for the time being, hopefully my financial situation will improve to the point where I can afford Surge soon.

Powdered Gatoraid and Whey Isolate may not be as good as Surge, but it is cheaper for those on a budget.

Also, remember, for people who don’t live in the US Surge is definitely not $2 / serving!