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Post workout/night time feeding

OK T-men, here is my problem, Because of my shiftwork, about 75% of the time my workouts are at night usually ending by about 8:30 or 9:00 pm. I usually try to have a protein drink (made with skim milk for better flavour) just prior to going to bed. I am also currently using tribex and zma. Here in lies my problem. How do I take the post workout drink (that has been discussed in so much detail lately) along with ZMA (not near in time to any calcium intake) and take a bedtime protein drink with skim milk when I tend to go to bed around 10:00 pm. Can I make the post workout drink the bedtime drink around 9:00 pm and then at 10:00 just prior to going to bed, take the ZMA. My concern is that I have very little time in which to accomplish the post workout drink, ZMA and bedtime protein drink. Any suggestions on a better scheduling regime would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.

I’m pretty curious about this too. So much seems to counteract with other stuff. I’ve been trying to get in a last protein-only shake just before bedtime, but with the ZMA, I’ve been afraid to. I remember Chris S. saying that you should take the ZMA 1/2 hr before the pre-sleep meal, but I still think that may be cutting down the effects of the ZMA. I pay a lot for supplements over here in Austria, so I won’t use them unless I’m sure I’m getting the most out of it. What I’ve done is that I take the ZMA with two big glasses of water (on an empty stomach) then I go to bed. I keep a pre-made shake in the fridge and by the time I get that urge in the midddle of the night to get up and pee from all the water I drank, I feel that the ZMA is already out of the stomach and doing it’s thing, leaving room for a little nitrogen retention while I sleep. You could also try this. Just have the post workout drink ready and get it down right away. Since you just worked out, it should be absorbed pretty quickly. Hope this helps and if I’m wrong hopefully someone will come alond and give me a verbal spanking and set me straight as well. Good luck.

i had the same question earlier but i guess that if you take the zma an hour before bed with just a couple glasses of water… then right when you go to bed have your protein shakle… it wont effect it… thats the response i got from this forum… hope it helps… im gunna try