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Post-Workout Nap?

[I’m not actually training for bodybuilding, but I thought this would be the most relevant forum to ask my question]

I will be started 7 AM lifting for football soon which will likely last until about 8:30. Factoring postworkout shake and everything, I’ll be totally done by 9, but I do not have my first class until 10:30. Now I may just use this time to be productive and get some work done, but I was curious about the possibility of using this time to have a short nap.

My primary concern is how the nap would affect my body receiving postworkout nutrition and if could slow my recovery process. I know after working out sumo wrestlers have a huge meal then take a nap, but that is primarily to help store the postworkout as fat. My postworkout shake only contains creatine and 30g protein.


I suggest you do your own research into whether you think this is credible advice or not. Personally, I tend to take most of the things the guy says at face value. But that’s me. (Then again, I don’t follow this tidbit of advice myself)

“Although I can workout with the best of them, there is something I do now that I did not do as a young man. I take a nap, muscle sleep, for half an hour every afternoon.
This not only helps recuperation but it is a great energizer. Actually, more bodybuilders than you may imagine, especially the pros, who can afford the time, make a habit of taking a short mid-afternoon nap.”

– Vince Gironda

He also refers to taking amino supplementation then taking a half-hour nap after each workout session. He shares that advice a few times during his magazine Q&A sessions.

taking a nap won’t make 30g of protein turn to fat and it won’t slow down your recovery…

If I were you I’d get in more calories than just a 30g protein shake, then study for my upcoming classes for an hour. A nap at that time won’t help you be as rested as you think. Save a nap for later in the day.

Forget the nap; if you really want to help yourself add 50 or 60 carbs to that PWO shake.

train, eat, nap. can’t be any more simple or perfect!

People are different. I do great with naps from 2 to 90 minutes. Your concern i think is about getting/storing fat. This is bullshit. Your body does not create fat. Avoid overeating you will not get fatter. People get paid to give advice in books and magazines. Most are blinds leading blinds. Just closing your eyes sitting or laying can also help to rest. Your body will tell you how to reach your goal.
All the best!

have the nap. Seriously. Post workout naps are the best thing ever

Drink your shake and go to sleep. You may find that you are also mentally sharper in class the rest of the day. Better body, better grades…win/win!

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