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Post-Workout Mix


I've bought some supps in powder form, in order to mix them in one big tub, and use a scoop for after each workout (made solute in warm water then mixed with juice). OK the dosages won't be exact but I'm just your 'average Joe' and not looking to compete.

The mix contains:

C. Monohydrate

I'm going to start taking this when I start my Deca/D.Bol cycle in Jan.

Anything else (powder form) you guys think I should include?


Throw in some Surge for post workout and some Spike for pre-workout.Good luck!


Yeah, have some Surge sent to England for around 70 bucks, that will do :wink:


People on here are often saying about Surge, Spike and Low-Carb Grow!.

Are they REALLY that good??

(I ask because they're not available in the UK, I don't think)


IMO yes


Why would you use this pwo stack only when you are on cycle? This stack should be used year round.


ur gonna be on deca and dbol and u dont even know about proper post workout nutrition...?? that is absolutely the stupidest thing i think i have ever heard in my entire life. If you dont even know about pre and post workout nutrition u have no business taking steroids.