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Post workout meals

Due to work I am forced to work out in the evening(7:00-around8/8:30) and was curious as to how I should go about my post workout meals.
Should I have a shake wait a while and then eat dinner or vice versa or should I just leave out the shake or the dinner. I just think 10:00 would be a little late to be eating dinner. Or should I possibly eat around 7:00 workout around 8:00 and then consume a shake around 9:30. Sorry for the confusing post but I was just curious as to what everybody else did. Hell maybe I will just start working out in the morning.

I don’t think late eating is a problem. Just keep the carbs lower. Have your shake right after or even during training.

My workout schedule is about the same as yours. I will usually get a shake at the gym and drink it on the way home. After I get home I take a shower and then eat dinner. Just avoid eating a lot of carbs unless you are on a mass or bulking cycle.