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Post-workout Meals

Hey guys, I’ve been doing some reading on post workout meals and by following the general guidelines, I’ve really kept the energy up during and after workouts. But there’s one thing I’m not 100% on: AFTER the post-workout drink, and 2 hours later, what should I have for my first post-wo P+C meal? The recommendations are for a solid food meal, but I would think that using whey powder and a high GI carb from juice or gatorade or whatever, or maybe even yogurt would be best. But that wouldn’t really be a solid meal? What do you guys eat for those post-wo meals?

My suggestion would be to go with the standard recommendation and eat a solid food meal.

Although you're within a few hours of your workout, the so called "window of opportunity" for rapidly digesting food to be absorbed will have closed by that point. You can still eat carbs with relatively little worry, but at this point you'd want something with a low GI carb.

Depending on the time of day, I'll have any number of things. If I'm in a pinch I'll just have oatmeal with some protein powder, or cottage cheese with Grow! and some fruit. If it's later in the day and I have time to prepare something, I will have either chicken or steak as my protein source, and then have beans, green veggies, or a sweet potato as my carb.

These meals are still rich in carbohydrates and good portein sources, but are slowly digesting, etc. Two hours post-training, you really do not want to create any insulin spikes.

Hope this helps.