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Post workout meal

Should the post workout meal change, depending on my objectives (bulk, cut or maintainance)? I´ve always heard that we should take simple carbs, in order to replenish blood glycogen, and also protein, to stop its breakdown and improve anabolism. Is it all truth? Because a national bodybuilding competitor told me not to take much carbs after training, and to forget about sugar at that time.
Okay, what´s the big deal?

Check out Solving the Post-Workout Puzzle (http://testosterone.net/html/141post.html and http://testosterone.net/html/142post.html) by John Berardi.

I don’t know how much this answers your question, but I found the very best post workout drink to be milk. In the period I gained the most weight and power, I used to slug down a quart of whole milk immediately after my workout. Cheap, tasty (this is an opinion), extremely nutritious, full of protein and carbs… however, the downside is that you could run the risk of getting fat in a hurry like that. In such cases, you might consider drinking 2%, 1%, or Skim (same protein and carbs, less fat). I liked the milk because it cut down on expenses and was easy… just run to the local convenience joint and pick it up after strolling out of my workout. I personally think that there is too much hype about post workout nutrition (once again, just an opinion!)

If you won’t a low calorie post work out drink then just add 2 tablespoons to your whey protein. 1 Tablespoon of honey is approx. 65 calories. I remember reading that this was indeed one of the best post workout drinks, low calories and cheap!

All right.
Maybe a fruit salad with 4 spoons of Amino Acid (such as Twinlab´s Cher-Amino = 30g of protein) is a great option. I thought about Whey protein with some honey, but honestly, I don´t think it´s the best thing to do. My metabolism is not fast, and I could probably gain bodyfat for doing it.
The perfect post-workout meal is probably Surge. But I live in Brazil, and I haven´t heard about a single store that sells Biotest.

Thank you.