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Post workout meal?

Im a college track athlete and have no way of fitting in my postworkout shake after workouts. Dinner is served immediately after track is over and I cannot miss it for it is paid for. So what foods would be ideal for post workout? I have acces to a lot of foods like sandwiches, salad, fruit, bread, and so on… so any suggestions on what to eat?

No time for a shake? Okay i’ll take your word for it…Since you’ll have to get by on whole foods, here goes have some fruit juice (12-16oz.) with a meal that 40%pro. 50%carbs. 10% fat, sugars in the juice are not counted as carbs with the meal. Find a meal that fit this nutrient breakdown it ain’t Surge or Grow! but it should do u well.

I won’t take your word for it. Here’s what I’d do in your situation: get Surge or whatever postworkout drink and drink it immediately after your workout. Then go directly to the cafeteria (or wherever) armed with some tupperware. Shovel some food into it, then eat it an hour later, as per Berardi’s suggestions. A little pre-planning should make things work for you…

Ok, so basically so far either taking my word for it or not the point is that surge should come first. But, really eating as soon as track is over is the only choice I have and as far as taking tupper ware goes, we are not allowed to take food out of the cafateria, so i am utterly screwed. I was wondering if you guys could go with specifics as in foods like turkey breast or potatoe, pasta, banana, hamburger, cottage cheese or whatever the best foods are for post workout. thanks so far