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Post Workout Meal

I know that one of the most important dieting principles for muscle growth is the post workout meal. A lot of times though, because of my schedule, the ideal time for me to eat dinner is after my evening workout. Can I just eat a normal dinner when I get home from my workout (I eat pretty healthy…not perfect by any means though) or should I be having a post workout shake (high protein, medium carbs) and then dinner later?

I would say BOTH.

Have a Shake like Surge immediate PWO, then go home and 45-60mins after the shake have a meal.

The shake is needed to halt the catabolic state you have produced in the workout, and Hopefully even make you a bit anabolic.

You might do a search and read Solving the Post Workout Puzzel I&II, By JB.

They go into all the science behind what I just layed out.

Hope that helps.

Definitely get the Surge shake down in the car on the way home from the workout. It’s the fastest absorbing protein you can get, combined with carbs and amino acids to drive the stuff into your muscles. Add some creatine, because there is not a better time for you to be getting your creatine.

Then, eat a normal meal, as you propose, after you get home.

jeez, c’mon people. Sorry to rant, but it ain’t that complicated. If you’re on this site, you know what is optimal regarding PWO nutrition. If you can’t slightly adjust your schedule, think ahead, or adapt, then don’t ask people for advice on so many topics.

Your post workout meal should be your biggest meal of the day. Here is what I eat post workout.

Within minutes of finishing my workout I drink 2 scoops of Surge with 16oz water. Forty five minutes after my Surge I eat 1 banana, 2 cups of cherios, 1/2 cup kidney beans, and one 8oz chicken breast. An hour and a half after that, I eat a 4oz chicken breast, one cup of skim milk, and one cup of brown rice.