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Post Workout Meal

JB is a dietary genious. That said, he advocates a post workout meal that has a carb to protein ratio of 2 to 1.

I want to add some muscle without packing on the spare tire that sometimes comes with weight gain. I have three scoops of Surge post-workout.

30 to 60 minutes later, I am starving. My question is this, How big (calories)is this post workout meal to add the muscle without the fat?

Right now this is about 460 calories, Am I starving off potential gains from the gym?

Chad Waterbury recommends eating 1g of carbs per pound of LBM and 0.5g of protein per pound of LBM 60 minutes after your surge. It also may be beneficial to throw in a tablespoon of vinegar too (I do this). I’ve been following this protocol for a couple weeks now and have seen ZERO fat gain! My LBM is steadly climbing and my strength is soaring. I would rate this as the one of the most important protocols for fat free, fast mass gain I’ve ever implemented. Try it out!

Here’s how I set it up when bulking…

Within’ 75 minutes after training (preferably within’ the hour after the surge) I take in 1 gram of carb per pound of lbm and .5 g of protein per gram of lbm. The carbs should be of the high-gi variety (think Smart Start or HN Cheerios) and minimized fat.

Regarding the vinegar, if a guy is taking r-ala can you do both or would this be overkill?

Not to sound stupid (which I will), but why vinegar?

depsyphor, because JB said it might help I think. There was some article or forum post about a study showing it helping glucose transport.

1 g Carb per pound and 1/2 g Protein seems like a lot.

Since I lift after work this post workout meal usually is at 8 PM plus/minus 15 mins.

Any concerns about having a meal this large 2 hours before sleep?

Atreides, it doesn’t matter that you’re lifting late at night. With optimized nutrition you don’t have to worry about the old, “No carbs late at night” rule. The fact that you lift weights (the act of muscular contraction) increases insulin sensitivity dramatically (a good thing). The goal with Surge is to spike insulin, resulting in a drop in cortisol (all good) and shuttle a few amino acids into the muscles you just worked out. There’s a little glycogen replenishment, but not enough if you’re wanting to put on LBM. The second P+C meal is also an optimal time to take in your starchy type carbs for the same reason; non-insulin dependent glucose uptake.

So bottom line? Just go for it. If you need convincing, just test your BF on a regular basis. You should see increases in weight, but not in BF.

30-60 minutes after my surge I have a classic grow in low fat milk, followed by a few bowls of honeycomb in low fat milk, but I’m also a hardgainer in the middle of a mag10 cycle and wouldn’t necessarily recomend the low fat milk. Have a classic grow for carbs/protein, etc. along with more carbs, just stay away from the fat!

Agathos, what so classic about grow in milk, or were you just clarifying it’s the MRP? I think my whey in grape juice is more classic.

I was simply pointing out the difference between low-carb and classic Grow, which is the name on the bottle and is more of a MRP, 40g protein, lots carbs, 300+ calories, etc. whereas I generally refer to low-carb grow as just grow, sorry bout the confusion. I only use the milk with it for added calories/protein as I’m a hardgainer and can get away with it without gaining too much fat.

"1 g Carb per pound and 1/2 g Protein seems like a lot. "

…no kidding. And that is in addition to Surge.

So for me that’s (roughly):
1554=620cal from carbs
plus 77.5
4=310cal from protein

=930 cals in addition to two scoops of Surge!!! ouch. That really does seem excessive. I have only been eating roughly half that many carbs pwo…

Kieran - give it a try. It helps recovery and does not add on too much bf. I’d only use this method when bulking, but it really works.

meal 2 after workout is usually my biggest by far. its all the other meals that make me fat… hehehe
seriously tho if you’re trying to get hyoooge the 3 hours after a workout should be eating time

Looking at the calorie count, I thought this would be a big meal. But I read a box of Honey Nut Cheerios. By the way, they are pretty damn good. When I add 4 cups cereal to what I eat now, I get close to the numbers I need.

With a High GI, they would process pretty fast.

I will try this 2 to 4 weeks, and then diet if I have to.

I must admit I am skeptical Brent.

But it does sound like fun!

I will give it a shot.

That pretty much means that all of my carbs are going to come after my workout. I am going to have to modify my eating habits a little, but if it helps recovery and muscle growth, it will be worth it.

…Perhaps I should post my diet for you guys to take a look at.

Don’t sweat it my man. My 2nd post-workout meal runs to around 1100-1200 kcals!! Definetely my largest of the day, but like TT and many others have said, this is what you want. After a brutal workout, your body needs and WANTS those carbs and protein and if your goal is to put on some LBM, this is the best way to do so. Start slow though. Obviously if you are used to only eating a certain amount, drastically increasing caloric intake will more than likely lead to increased fat again. So I would suggest to slowly increase the cals by adding 150-200 cals per week. But YES…do not be shy about eating your ass off during this postworkout time. Have fun my man…I love bulking…;o)