Post-workout meal

How large do you make this meal when bulking? I have seen many recommend that you go bananas on P and C in this meal (about an hour after your PW-drink), while other treat it as a “normal” meal (no larger then any other). What do you think, and what are your experiences?

Personaly my biggest meals are breakfast and my PWO meal(being the meal after my pwo shake)…

I thought you were going into ketosis?

Anyway, go as big as you want. You know just as well as anyone else that you only can gain what you eat, and your post workout meal is a very good time to eat.

Yup, I am going keto, just wondering for the sake of it. I just read the “Best of the Guest” by Chad Whaterbury where he writes: “Simply eat as many carbs and protein as you reasonably can. Don’t force-feed yourself to the point of purging.” (On a question on eating post workout).

For me, that would be A LOT of carbs and proteins!

I’;m with Dave,
My largest meal of the day is post workout. Sometimes reaching 1000+ kcals! Second largest is breakfast. Those are the two ideal times to get your carbs in as your body will more than likely utilize them, rather than be stored as fat. Go eat!..;o)