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Post Workout Meal


How much should I consume directly after a workout? I am a lightweight (160) tryin to pack on some pounds. I usually drink a 650 calorie shake with 110g carbs, 30g or so protein Half before, and half after a workout. Should this be sufficient?


Why don't you read this week's article "Post-Workout Resurgece" and all of the articles mentioned and linked to in it. Then buy yourself some Surge.

Honestly, TMag spends money to have the best nutritionist, trainers, and scientist around and they have them deliver articles on topics such as "Post Workout Requirements" to us for FREE on a site that costs money to maintain that we use for FREE and even host a forum for us to use for FREE! Then they develop extremely high quality products for us and what do we do!?

Totaly ignore all the free info and try to use cheap knockoff supplements then use their forum (again provided for free) to ask lazy questions!

Have some respect people!


Shaved I'm sorry man. I just noticed that you were a new user.

Look I think I took somthing things out on you with that last post that should have been directed a other posters on this forum. Sorry man.

Read through the articles I recomended. To give you a quick summary Biotest makes a great postworkout shake that is formulated specifically for what your body needs. Drink half halfway through your workout and the other half immediately after. Maybe have another traiditional protein shake (Grow), MRP, or just healthy meal 60+ minutes later.




Post-Workout Meal:

A whole chicken and a mug of beer. If you're over 200lb, make it two chickens.


HAHA< isnt that what Arnold did? Well it sounds fantastic but I'm only 18... cant get beer AS OFTEN as I would need, hehe.

I was just basically asking you guys if that sounded like a sufficient amount of calories/protein and carbs for a post workout drink.. already bought what I am using for this month, probably upgrade later.


Shaved, what's the name of the product? Well, actually that's not as significant as the ingredients. Can you list some of the ingredients (i.e. in the order they're listed)? That should be helpful evaluating the product itself.

The ratio of carbs to protein (i.e. a little more than 3.5:1) is excellent at this time and for your goals. I would, however, suggest that you begin sipping on this at the onset of exercise (as opposed to before, which you didn't specify how long beforehand) and finish by about half-way through, following up your session with the other half. It's important to get another whole-food meal of protein and carbs in about an hour or less after that last liquid meal. This should be another huge meal.


Must be nice to be totally jacked up on the juice and not have to give a crap about the negative hormonal impact of alcohol.

Damn, I'm gonna start juicin' just so I can drink beer all the time and not have it screw with my gains. :slight_smile: