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Post workout meal

Hi, Im not allowed meat in the house for religious reasons (Im Hindu). I get all my meat protein requirements at work, can anyone reccommend a good post workout meal without meat, which hopefully doesn’t include cottoage cheese as I think its disgusting. Is low fat cheese ok?

Low fat cheese is okay. Can you eat eggs? They would be a good alternative also.

Can you have a protein shake post-workout? If not, that’s a pretty tough question (I have fish post-workout if I’m not having a shake).

Your best bet would be to get a good source of protein BEFORE you work out, since it takes some time to get the protein into the blood anyway. Post-workout, you could have baked beans maybe for the glucose and the additional protein.

Try nuts or legumes. Make a spinach salad with almonds and fruit slices or make a kidney or black bean salsa.