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post workout meal

post workout meal consisting of 2 serving of casein, 2 TB honey, a yogurt with 30 or so g of sugar and 2/3 cups of apple sauce… change it, leave it? thanks

I would think you’d be better served using a protein that digests faster than casein. While whey hydrolsate is supposedly the best, I’m assuming any whey would digest a lot more quickly than casein.

Since you seem to be a kind of make-it-yourself kind of guy, you might consider Gatorade as a source of post workout carbs, along with 40g whey protein. Hope this helps.

I’d say yogurt is not a good source of carbs post-workout. The carbs are 50% fructose. I’d keep what you have (get the whey in before you workout), but switch your carb-source to maltodextrin, rice, or bread - these are solid sources of glucose - which is what you want.