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Post Workout Meal Times?

Ok, so I’m not concerned about the shake after my workout, but I can’t seem to find a good discussion on a post workout meal. People talk about taking in carbs with their shakes and what not but I never mix the carbs directly into my post shake. This is my current meal plan post workout:

~10mins after= scoop sugar/2 scoop ON whey
~45min-1hour after= carb/protein meal which depends on the day of classes I have. Is this to long to wait to take carbs? Lately this meal has been (in class= 2 scoop ON, 3/4 cup oat, 1 insta oatmeal pack in a shake) or (not in class= Rice/chicken).


Oh I never stated a question! What’s the right time to eat a meal after your workout and what should it consist of protein/carb based?

Try to get everything you need within the 1 hour window of the end of your workout.

I agree with The Greek. I tend to shoot for 90 minutes max between the two PWO meals.

But then should you still consume a good source of protein? I mean the body can only digest so much protein at once, so then does it become a waste to eat another protein base thats fast digesting? Like today I’m eating this nobake pile of crap that consists of peanut butter/oat/whey. I just can’t see the body being able to have 50g of protein from a shake and then a meal with protein and being able to utalize all of it.

a typical pwo whole food meal is still protein and carbs. Maybe not fat.