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Post Workout Meal Late at Night - a Must?

I workout pretty late at night at around 9 or 10 PM. By the time I’m done and have my Surge, it’s 11:30 PM. After I shower (which takes about 30 mins), I’d rather sleep than to wait another hour or so to eat a post workout meal, which is mostly protein and some veggies anyways. How detrimental is it to skip the post workout meal and go to sleep right away? I’m trying to decide between the lesser of the two evil: less sleep v. post-Surge fast.


I say just jam that last meal in just as you go to sleep. Don’t change your bedtime, just squeeze it in.

I would just have your surge and then eat a carb + protein meal first in the morning. I did I finished college and never experienced any differences. When I was in college I would workout around 12 and eat my regular post workout meal. I didn’t experience any changes either way.

Stella, that’s a tough one. Try to get in to work out as close to 9:00 as possible. Make it a priority. Have your food pre-made and waiting for you at home. You should drink your Surge IMMEDIATELY after your workout (or sipping half of it DURING your workout). Eat an hour later. By the time you get home, get a shower, the hour will fly by. Eat, go to bed and maybe juggle your diet so that you could work in a protein shake (with or without EFAs) in the middle of the night when you wake up to go to the bathroom.

Don’t work out and not provide your body the substrates it needs to make repairs and build muscle. Gotta find a way, Girl.

I am in agreement w/ Tampa-Terry on this one. how many meals do eat before hand? If you have 4 or 5 meals already all you really need when you get home is a protien shake or an MPR like Grow and maybe some veggies.

I would strongly recommend that you set your alarm and consume a serving of LC GROW about 1/2 through your sleep cycle; especially when working out that late in the evening.

Stella, you should be sipping your drink while you workout, then right before bedtime you can have a pure casein shake with some fish oil caps. 2 scoops would be 40 grams with 10 grams of the fish oil caps. that should cover your overnight sleep. Preparing and eating food takes a long time. I would also suggest you prepare the casein shake before you go to the gym and eave it out. Casein shakes are initially very thick and need time to let all the excess gas dissapate. laters pk

Stella, I don’t know if you regularly wake up in the night at all but…try having some low-carb grow with perhaps a little flax oil (Barleens) mixed in ready and waiting. That works for me as I usually wake up mid-morning to pee.
You put in a huge effort in the gym. Don’t let ANY of it get lost by missing out on needed nutreints.

Thank you everyone for replying. It looks like the consensus is eat something before hitting the sack. So I’ll eat something light (can’t eat anything heavy at night or I can’t sleep) or get some shake.

Cheers! :)