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Post Workout Insulin Spike Put to Rest


Let's quit worrying about the post workout window and the insulin spike you're supposed create. Unless you are training the same muscle group within 24 hrs (cyclist, rower, ect..) there is no reason to spike insulin for recovery or anabolism.

Total daily nutrient breakdown followed by pre workout nutrition is far more important. The meal(s) you have before training spike insulin as well as your pre wo drink and it lasts for hours.


And this proclamation is based on what research?

I mean, what are you basing the statement on? Your own personal experience? Or some studies you could link?


Mad Titan's nutritionist. I have questioned this for awhile and tried it myself and feel as good or better recovery. I also cut out most carbs (not just grains, I still eat a lil) early and feel very refreshed and focused the following morning.


Depends on the persons insulin sensitivity, do you get great pumps from your workouts? I know if i'm not stressed, get enough sleep (never happens) and i cram enough carbs right after workout, i can hold that pump pretty much till i wake up the next day, when i look puny again!


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What's a sample day of eating for you?

How many carbs a day and how many carbs, meals before a training session (on average) ?


Aragon was referring to glycogen replenishment. Elevating insulin also upregulates protein synthesis. Re-check your sources.


And what results has this allowed you to achieve? I take it the gains in strength and size were very noticeable and more importantly a marked (and measurable) improvement over your old way of doing things, and you are sure that they are not simply due to eating more or some such, yes?


I know what works even better: Double or Triple your lifts across the board and you'll still look big the next morning, PWO carbs or no.

Had to be said.

I've never worried about the great "insulin spike" after workout... If my PWO shake or meal happens to induce one, yeah well...


Yes, Alan would agree that total caloric intake and macro nutrient amounts are by far more important than any notion of nutrient timing when it comes to training/dieting for improved body composition. However, he has never said that there is no benefit to elevated insulin levels in the workout period--->all he says in short is that you don't even need that much insulin to be released to maximize its benefits in terms of inhibiting protein breakdown/promoting protein synthesis and that pre-workout intake of carbohydrates basically elevates insulin enough to the point that extra carbohydrates post workout doesn't have that much additional benefit (in terms of spiking insulin to inhibit muscle protein breakdown). Actually read the guy's works before making an opinion about what he has to say (which is very good).


I know what works even better: Double or Triple your lifts across the board and you'll still look big the next morning, PWO carbs or no.

Had to be said.



Can't argue that!


Carbs are so good after a workout though. I base this on enjoyment, though i do try to keep "fast" acting carbs for pre workout (blizzards, cookies, sugary things..). If you are doing this as a hobby (even if your are very serious...if your not competing or modeling it is a hobby) you might as well absolutely enjoy every part of it.


I kind of agree with this. Wanting to "earn" my post-workout carbs definitely keeps me going hard. And I would never want to work out after any of my post-workout meals. They'd have to roll me around the gym!

Personally I tried pre-workout carbs, it makes it impossible for me to get in the zone. I just don't handle carbs that well. I might've gotten more of a pump or had more work capacity, but if I can't focus what's the point? For those that can handle pre-workout carbs, I'm sure there's reason to opt for that method. But for the rest of us (most of us?) post-workout carbs are probably the better choice.

I actually start my carb/protein drink after my heavy/activation lifts. This doesn't interfere with my intensity while (I imagine) still providing me with that small insulin spike needed to spare protein.