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Post Workout Hunger

I’m on a cutting cycle, but I am finding it very difficult to control my appetite after workouts. Right after the work out I consume your usual drink of carbs and protein … after about an hour and a half, I eat a solid meal.

The problem is that this meal somehow stimulates my hunger so much that I can’t stop eating unless I feel completely and utterly satieted (yesterday, in particular, I ate a pound of prunes, after 2 bowls of chili & felt bloated all night)

Anyone else experience this phenomenon? I know this sounds like blasphemy, but perhaps the post workout drink spikes my blood sugar too much at the resultant dip makes me overeat.

One of the effects of reactive hypoglycemia is hunger. However it’s hard to tell for sure without a blood glucose test. What are your stats? How long/hard is your workout? What is your pwo nutrition (ingredients and quantities)?

If you are getting an insulin spike PWO(which I assume you are) then a lot of insulin creates a hormone response in your body, thus making you hunrgy. Insulin can make people hungry. It’s a Catch-22. That is why overwieght people can’t stop eating. The body pumps out insulin whey you eat and makes you hungry and since fat people are eating all the time, insulin is always being pumped out by the pancreas, and they are always hungry. Perhaps, you are eating too many carbs PWO which is causing too big of an insulin spike, leading to hunger.

im 160, 15% bodyfat … currently trying cutting down to about 10%.

The PWO drink is 70g CHO as dextrose and 40g whey isolate, and creatine as well. I sip half of this drink while i workout, and chug the other half as soon as I finish.

the workouts are about 50 mins long, whole body workouts. For the upper body I do bench, military press, pullups/chinups. Good mornings for the lower back and hamstrings.

For the legs, I do half a Tabata using front squats (4 sets, 2 mins) when Im finished with everything else.