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Post-Workout Headache/Nausea


Any ideas as to why I often get these about halfway through a workout and then the nausea will get worse afterwords? I try not to eat more than 2 or 3 hours before working out, but tonight it had been 4 hours, I warmed up, lifted, stretched, felt crappy, decided I needed my Surge, then ended up puking it up all over the backyard, along with the remains of my triple-bacon cheeseburger from 4+ hrs earlier.

Am I just pushing myself too hard? Should I wait like 20 minutes or so before drinking my Surge? If I puke it up, should I have another (I am at the moment, but half dose)?

Is there anything I can do PRIOR to working out to avoid these headaches and nausea? Extra-Strength Excedrin? I used to take a couple of those before I played tennis back in the day, and I nearly ALWAYS played better.



Are you on any other supplement that might cause this? Are you drinking enough water?


I tend to drink quite a bit of water, milk, juice, etc, but who knows? maybe I need to drink more.

The only other supp I'm taking is FLAMEOUT, and I tend to only take that with major meals.


If the problem persists see a doctor not a bodybuilding message board!


I am inclined to think that it is your body releasing Nitric Oxide when you lift. Nitric Oxide can cause headaches (possibly even migraines - it happened to me) in beginning weight training.