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Post Workout Glucose + Fructose

Via Outside magazine, I learned of this study:

Summary: You can absorb up to 55% more carbohydrates per hour if you use fructose and glucose. The study looked at carbohydrate oxidation during exercise. But it would seem to me that the same principles would apply post-workout.

Anecdotally, I have always recovered better when using fruit juice in addition to other carbs post workout. I guess the study might help explain why.

the reason behind injesting these sugars post workout along with protein and carbs is the insulin spike it exhibits. It allows more protein utilization and even quicker absorbtion, putting nutrients where you need them when you need them.

Grape juice in fact is loaded with simple sugars great for spiking insulin. This is why some creatine products advising taking the creatine with grape juice, so that more creatine is absorbed. Interesting article, bro.