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Post Workout Fruit?


I've been reading that Cherries are the best post workout fruit due to their high levels of glucose...
any other suggestions or warnings?

keep in mind i know that whey and carbs are esseantial for post workout recovery, the fruit in question is more a compliment, not a substitution.


Bananas are good for post workout.


I'm not sure what that 2nd paragraph is trying to say, but let me answer the first.


Do you like cherries? Would you eat them if you didn't just because someone said they were best?

I eat alot of blueberries and strawberries post workout. Love 'em. I eat some bananas--like 'em. I don't like cherries except for show in my manhattan or in my 16 yr old daughter.

My point being, don't get hung up on the best. If you like them, eat them. If not, eat something you like.


I have a banana as well. Loaded with the sugars as well as high in potassium