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Post Workout for Powerlifters?


Hello guys.

Im not sure how must be the post work out shake for a powerlifter. i am current taking 2 scoops of nitrotech (60g of protein and 2g of carbs) after my work outs, and a hour later i eat chicken and rice. Is that ok? or i must add some carbs on my post work out shake. I was thinking on add some dextrose, but again im not sure. What whould you recomend.

PD: I have a good and clean diet along the day, about 4300 cal (i weight 230lb) but i'm insecure on my post workout shake.

Thanks for your help.


There is no requirement for a post workout shake in general, let alone a specific recipe needed in order to be successful as a powerlifter.


What Punisher said how ever I usually....

90 mins before training: 50g of complex carbs, 50g of Simple Carbs, Little bit of Protein and Fat 2000mg of Taurine and 400mg Ibuprofen.

As soon as I start warming up: Down Pre Workout. It takes me 30-40 mins to get to my first work set roughly so it is kicked in by then.
I consume 60-80g of Simple Carbs during workout in a gallon of water. Usually Gatorade or Tang powder mixed in a jug.

Post Workout: Scoop of Whey

30 mins or so after training 100g of Rice, Teriayaki, 10oz of Chicken and some Vegetables. I have recently been doing some kinda type of IF ( I just call it drinking Coffee, Protein Shakes and water until 1pm because I don't feel like making breakfast ) but, some one said is Int. Fasting. I haven't really looked into but none the less try to get all my carbs in around workout time and I eat a few at dinner as well.


I would definitely take some dextrose with your post workout shake. Not only will it replenish glycogen, but insulin is anabolic after a workout. Depending on how hard your workouts are, 30-60 g should be enough.


I've done post workout shakes w/ consistency and not done them w/ consistency. Hasn't affected me negatively no matter which I've done. The only thing that has ever made a difference for me is pre-workout eating - making sure I've ate a decent meal an hour or two before training.

It's probably a good idea to do a post workout protein shake, but it isn't gonna make or break you. Recovery happens over time, not in the first 30 minutes after a workout - at least not a big enough difference that you should marry it.


Any specific reason for this? I've contemplated it, but ended up thinking it was a bad idea.


It helps keep inflammation in my elbows and shoulders down and allows me to get in a few extra reps before everything starts getting aggravated at me. I try to only take it on training days and it has greatly helped me.


Post workout? Go to the diner and eat.


I have a hip issue that is consistently more fucked up than not and this was a solution I was considering. I'd like to avoid it, but I may have to give it a go at this point.


unless you're training again the same day, replenishing glycogen doesnt really mean anything.


Pretty much. Although the minimized fat storage is a plus.


is there really that much of an increase in that? not familiar with alot of this stuff.


Protein plus carbs increases protein synthesis vs just protein after resistance training in numerous studies. Also, without the carbs, your body will use some of the protein post workout for glycogen replenishment via gluconeogenesis.


the only study ive seen on this was on 24 hour long fasted people which obviously doesnt prove anything. have you read much of brad schoenfeld and alan aragon stuff on this? very interesting


Rest the hip or rehab it. Check your diet for foods that might be causing inflammation. Pain meds only mask the problem and create more serious issues down the line if let go.


Or they allow you to continue training at a relatively high level all while working on mobility issues and not having to take 3 months off to let a slight annoyance possibly get better.


Also true, but if you're consuming a large amount protein you will max out protein synthesis anyway. Plus a large "dose" of protein also stimulates enough of an insulin response in the natural trainee.


I'm sure it's not nearly as dramatic as supplement companies claim, but it's a point at which you're the most insulin sensitive AND when glycogen is the most depleted, so it certainly has an effect. Most prep coaches are structuring carbs around workouts as well. I would think this falls under the 10% whereas controlling and monitoring macros is the 90%. All personal opinion.


Personally I like:

1 hour preworkout
1 spike
1/2 cup dry cream of rice
1 tbspn pnt butter
1 scoop whey
smuckers sugar free fudge for taste if I feel like it

2-4 scoops plazma

usually about 30-60 minutes postworkout I take 2-4 scoops of MAG-10. I need the calories and I sweat buckets during my workouts and MAG-10 and plazma are pivotal in keeping me hydrated.

60 -90 postworkout
3 cups of cereal (usually trix lol)
either %2 milk or almond milk or some kind of mix
2 scoops whey
or a few slices of pizza and whey depending on if I need bloat or if its a leg day

Usually helps me grow pretty well....its a ton of good calories (ignore that i typed pizza..) at a good time to eat them...you can't help but grow haha