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Post Workout for Lactose Intolerant

I’m looking for a PWO food that I can take with me to the gym and eat on my way out, instead of the traditional PWO shake. I’m awfully lactose intolerant, and even using whey isolates makes me gassier than a . No luck with pea protein or soy either.

How about something like an impromptu sandwich (white bread for faster-release energy) made with tuna spread? The spread is ~160 cals, 22g protein.

Any ideas or help hugely appreciated!

Surge is lactose free.

As for the meal following, you’re choices are virtually endless since all you need to do is avoid dairy products.

have you tried egg protein?

if you don’t find a powder that works, don’t fret. people still built muscle prior to protein powders. A big ole chicken sandwich or whatever would do the trick too.

I would, however, recommend BCAA tablets during your workout if you go the solid food route.

Whey protein isolate

[quote]DoubleDuce wrote:
Whey protein isolate[/quote]

X2 I’m lactose intolerant and I do WPI just fine.

[quote]Ghost22 wrote:
DoubleDuce wrote:
Whey protein isolate

X2 I’m lactose intolerant and I do WPI just fine. [/quote]

The OP already stated that Whey isolates makes him gassy like a mofo.

OP, just get you a couple poptarts on the drive home. Then when you get home eat that tuna spread.

It doesn’t help for now, but get yourself used to lactose if you can. I used to be pretty intolerant, but I slowly introduced dairies back into my diet…usually over the weekends when I had the time to have the shits and mad gas for hours in the privacy of my own house.

I still get a little gassy, but that’s nothing a short walk outside every couple of hours can’t fix. It was totally worth the trouble for me to be able to get protein in the form of milk and whey again. I’m sure there’s other ways to build up a tolerance, so hopefully you’ll find a way that works for you.

What about a lactase enzyme supplement (lactaid)?

It may be a bit expensive but would allow you to drink a PWO shake.

[quote]HK24719 wrote:
Surge is lactose free.[/quote]


Looking through Surge’s ingredients, its clearly got whey…

[quote]Woking 1-0 World wrote:
Looking through Surge’s ingredients, its clearly got whey…[/quote]

WPH is lactose free.

Are you lactose intolerant or do you have a milk allergy?

If the former, you only need to look at a sugar profile (the lactose), if the latter, then whey and casein, in any form, could set you off.

given how you were gassy after WPI, If I assume lactose intolerant, try having a lactase enzyme like Shakes said, and check to see if your brand of WPI had any carbs. Some Protein supplements do a pretty bad job eliminating lactose from the wheys.

Take-away is that Whey does not always equal Lactose