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Post Workout Food


what do you eat after a workout.


sometimes it's breakfast! a veggie omelette and oatmeal. other times it's tuna with whole wheat pasta or grilled chicken with brown rice. i like a protein source lower in fat to ensure speedy digestion.


300gram chicken breast
A big Spinach Salad.
3-4 Eggs


cutting currently so it's been a salad+EVOO+chicken

bulking- burger with WW bread + apple + banana or orange or chicken+cheese sandwich + apple + banana or orange


If you are looking to gain a lot of weight (which is what I am going for right now), I like about three-fourths of a frozen pizza after my heavy days (legs, back, chest) honestly. This is usually about 30 minutes after my post-workout shake. I have been happy with the results so far as it has been relatively easy to gain good weight. Its a tasty 900 calories mainly consisting of wheat flour, low fat cheese, and hamburger.

I have been criticized for this method in a previous thread, but I have found it great for bulking after my heavier days. I am usually ready to eat again in less than two hours so I feel like the nutrients are getting where they need to go. It's definately not the way to go for cutting, but I can still see the outline of my abs and am gaining consistently at 5'10" 210 lbs.


If it works.

I normally eat 100g oats + scoop of whey or I have had 3 egg omellete with a banana and pb on toast or 100g lentils + 50g oats (it works).


jehovah -- when did you start cutting? How'd the bulk go? How did I miss that?

(sorry to go off topic)


Generally speaking, just about anything will work. Protein and complex carbs are the "perfect" option, though.
Since I ran out of Surge, I've just been eating food; 20g leucine and two roast beef sandwiches on whole wheat bread right after training, then a protein/fat meal 1-2 hours later.
Try Biotest's Surge right after trainihg; it's got everything you need. If cost is an issue, you can buy whey isolate along with maltodextrin/waxy maize starch and mix them together. Whey isolate/dextrose is generally the way to go pre-training.


i usually have two turkey sandwiches with mustard and mayo and apple and some potato chips. if i were to buy Surge would i still need to bring something to eat post workout. my goal - trying to up my calorie intake. and does Surge give you a full filling after you drink it?


I've never found Surge to be filling at all; I'm always ready to eat within an hour after my PWO shake.


I used to have a turkey steak sandwich with about 80g of turkey steak, 2 thick slices of white bread, half a tin of chickpeas heated then mixed into a paste with butter. Those sarnies where awesome and just about everything.


For me it does. Guess i'm weird.

Since your goal is to eat more calories, then definitely add more food in. Drink the Surge right after training and eat those turkey sandwiches within 90 minutes of that.


Today I worked my back and biceps, so I had a cheat meal (of sorts) afterwards. I had 4 fish fingers, 5 pieces of scampi, 4 large cauliflower florets and 80g of frozen peas with 3g of fish oil.

But my usual meal is a couple of salmon fillets, 25g of almonds, 3g of fish oil, a banana and an apple.

Obviously not all on the same plate, lol.




those of you that eat a lot of fish, arent you concerned about the mercury that is in it.


I get the fishmonger to take their fillings out of their teeth for me before I buy them.


Whey and a ton of fruit (bananas, pomegranate, apples, etc...it varies)


Double King burger and some Half Baked.