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Post Workout Food/Shake

Normally I buy whey concentrate (WPC) because it?s cheaper and put a scoop of it with my oats and a bit of strawberry jam instead of having a post workout shake. I?m thinking of adding some creatine after my workouts, do you think I should just add it to my oats & whey or is it better to take it with a protein shake?


Typically you want higher GI/III foods PWO than oatmeal. If you dont want to pay for Surge, then go with some chocolate milk and Metabolic Drive.

Here’s what I use though, it’s more of a smoothie and works great for me:
2 Bananas
24 Oz. Milk
1 Scoop Whey
1 Tbsp. Honey
1-2 Tbsp. PB
Sometimes 1/2-1c Blueberries

You don’t need the PB and you could add some chocolate syrup which i dosometimes but I’m a hardgainer so here’s what I use right now. But if you’re just looking for a good PWO shake, then chocolate milk/Metabolic Drive are the next best thing to Surge.

Simple sugars are great, you can buy both WPC and Dextrose in bulk from certain places. Not too expensive and it’ll get r’ done.

So I guess you both are saying to go with the protein shake instead of the oats and protein powder.

for a post workout shake stick with whey protein or what ghost said, simple sugars. a casein type protein, like what’s in milk is slow digesting as is fats. So post workout avoid fat and casein.

I would take the post workout shake with creatine immediately after workout, and your meal with oatmeal around 1 hour later or something.