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Post Workout Feast/Shake


I read a few articles talking about eating most of your daily calories within a few hours after your work out, but then most of the bodybuilding guides just say drink 30-40g of protein and same fast carbs.
Who here does either? Who does both? I always have about 100g of carbs and 50-80g of protein in my post workout shake, then later try and cram down a small meal 2 hours later, and was wondering who else does this kind of thing?


i do. i get about 80 carbs 80 protein PWO and then get a whole food meal like 1-1.5 hrs later. although i dont need to cram it down cause im hungry then.


I personally eat whole foods after I train. I used to have a shake, but to be honest I prefer a massive meal oppossed to liquid nutrition. I injest BCAA pre-workout, train at about 6-30pm -7pm and make my last meal of the day the largest (about 15 minutes after I finish at the gym and get home) usually 80g-150g carbs (depends on volume/bodyparts trained)100g protein and around 15g - 25g fat. I'm not against shakes at all and often have one as a meal replacement when on the go.

I've noticed zero negative effects on recovery when eating solid food Post-W instead of a shake. I've had no sleeping issues with eating a large meal at night. I usually go to bed about 2-3 hours after. If I train in the afternoon I still go solid food post, and another solid food meal 3 hours later (before bed)
Give it a try...See what happens

I love food!!


I eat a hulking meal 1-2 hours after I workout. Lots of fat, carbs and protein.

I'm not saying its bad to have a whey shake after, but it saves money to just have one when your short on time or need to add one in with a meal.


This is what I have been doing for a month or so now

3 hours before WO: Solid Meal
15 minutes before: Surge Recovery (I tried workout fuel but didn't like it)
Within 1 hour of WO: Solid Meal (at least start eating)


Post workout shake: 80-100 grams carb., 35-50 grams protein

Meal 1-2 hr later: carbs from vegetables only(starches as needed), 35 grams protein

Every workout day for over twenty years.


I eat lunch an hour before I lift. Walking out I drink a shake and like to add dextrose to it but dont often. about 2 hours after that I eat a chicken breast with some Luecine based aminos. I also drink half a gallon of milk through out the day. Thats what I do when Im bulking anyway.