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Post Workout Drinks and Taste

T-Men, I know there have been several posts about this before. However with all of the experimentation going on what have you guys come up with to make that nasty combo of hydrolysates, dextrose, maltodextrin, BCAA, and glutamine taste good? Well, I dont even care if it tastes good. What have you done to make it drinkable? It took me 30 minutes of baby sips to get my first one down. What are you adding to flavor it so that it doesnt make you want to barf and doesnt make you taste it for hours to come? I know the Biotest one supposedly will taste good, but until then Ive got pounds of hydrolysates and there’s no way Im drinkin it all without some flavoring!

Does PU@#% taste good all the time???NO…but the effects kick-ass!!!

I found that 4 tablespoons makes it drinkable. If its perfectly blended, in a blender, it shouldn’t be that bad. Note, never use cocoa powder and mint extract, yuck!

are you a big guy tyler? here’s what you do-go into your gym, get into a conversation with a newbie, tell him the hydrolysates stuff is what made you so huge and sell him it. simple. then go get some grow! you won’t regret it!

Why the fuck are there always dumbasses who interject without even knowing what the hell the converstion is about. Sandy, go back and read the last couple T-mag issues thru and thru then come back…

Lighten up, she was making a funny.

Hya…I just fell off my chair laughing:-) I didn’t want to say anything…seriously, I don’t know how to respond to a post like that.

Hey Tyler, here’s what I do. I use maybe about 2/3 dextrose and only 1/3 maltodextrin for the carb portion because dextrose is sweeter and help you to swallow the crap. Also, I add some sugarfree kool-aid mix to it (you’re supposed to add your own sugar if were to make kool-aid out of it). I found some that were sold in small packets the size of sugar packets. This helps to mask the favor of the hydrolysate. Then, don’t take baby sips. Pretend you’re shotgunning a beer at a frat party and just guzzle it down as fast as you can. The aftertaste is kinda cruddy, but bearable compared to without any masking flavors.

I do what Hyok was describing whenever I drink my protein shakes. Raw tribulus powder is also pretty awful. I mix my shakes in old 20oz Gatorade bottles. I add enough extra water to make 20oz of drink. I can always use the extra water. I take a couple of deep breaths, let one halfway out, and chug the whole thing without breathing. I also breathe through my mouth for a minute or two afterward, and chase it with some water and swish it around to clear the taste out of my mouth.
BTW, you can’t taste anything unless you breathe through your nose. Before you know it, the shake is down and over with. This is also great for cough syrup and other yukky stuff.
Not that my shakes are all that bad , but I don’t think of them as food to be savored, just necessary nutrition. - Nylo

The trick is to use the least amount of water that you need to disolve your mixture. I would rather drink 6-8 ounces of some nasty drink. Guzzle it and go sit and the couch and try not to throw up.

I’m going to have to say that some Kool-Aid powder is the way to go. I just downed my post-workout anabolic cocktail, and I might sound crazy, but I enjoyed it.

I disagree. I think that getting something chocolate flavored with plain maltodextrin/dextrose powder and adding in something chocolately is going to mask the taste better than anything else.

Yes gmm I think the chocolate idea works, especially with the hydro, BCAA’s and glutamine. In fact I would pay good money to watch you choke that nasty drink down and laugh my ass off when you start puking all over the place…

Actually, @#$%?@, I have been using it. It’s drinkable. In fact, you can get it made real cheap. Remember that place that sells the protein powder on the net?hint, hint It’s the only place that I can get it right now. Granted, it’s not the best tasting stuff in the world, but it sure as hell won’t make someone puke.

gmm, according to your other posts you are using more sugar and less hydro. Your mixture has a 13:5 ratio when it should be 2:1. Perhaps with more sugar and less hydro its better.

You’re right, but I’ll tell ya, it’s not off that much. If I was gonna get another batch made up, it would have more dextrose than malto for taste even though malto will give the better insulin spike. I don’t think I’m really hurting my gains by using slightly more carbs.