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Post Workout Drink/Meal on TRT


I’m 61 years old, 6.1 214 ibs
Work out most of my life
Now i’m working out 3 to 4 days a week
On 1cc/200mg of T every 17 days
Doc said do not take protein post workout
Wondering what is best. Trying not to overboard on carbs or gain more weight


Ignore your doctor.

Take your shots at least weekly, twice a week would be better, and drink your protein drink - just make sure it isn’t loaded with sugar. You want to add some carbs in there as well.


Sorry but I should of added that with blood test I’m averaging 800 to 900 level
I really don’t want to go over 1000
Why would doctor say no protein
Why no sugar, just curious.
How many carbs per day should I average


The best time to maximize protein synthesis is in the peri workout hours. Many guys drink a concoction with BCAA’s during their workout and then consume a good, high quality protein right after their workout. I can’t think of a single reason a doc would recommend against a protein source following a workout??


Sugar is just something to avoid generally as your body converts it to fat pretty easily. You’ll have to figure out your macros based on your goals but I try to keep carbs below forty percent of my daily intake. If you’re eating 2000 calories, that would be 800 from carbs, which equals 200 grams. Adding some creatine wouldn’t hurt. Post workout it would be best to use whey protein IMO.


Working out causes protein hunger and if its not protein, one may end up with too many carbs. Any whey protein shake will have a bit benefit. But some are better than others and costs vary greatly. Some mix well in water or milk, but others clump and make a mess. Research that. Doc’s advice is good. There are some pre-workout products that enable better workouts. Check the product store in this website!

Please follow these links in 2nd post of 1st forum topic:

  • advice for new guys
  • protocol for injections
  • finding a TRT doc

Please post lab work with ranges:
fasting cholesterol
fasting glucose
IF low energy levels
AM cortisol [at 8AM please]
Vit-D25 or just take 5,000iu Vit-D3

If you inject twice a week, hormone levels will be steady and you fill feel better. Right now your levels peak and crash; so labs are more of an artifact of lab timing than anything else. We need to be looking carefully at E2 levels. If E2 needs to be managed with anastrozole/Arimidex then we need steady hormone levels as because anastrozole needs to balance FT levels.


Thanks guys
I understand about sugar consumption, just asking
Having no protein is what i don’t get.
Will try to reach out to Doc and find out why he said that
I am getting about 2000 calories a day
Last year had complete check up since my dad died 30 years ago at age 59, heart attack
Like Whey protein idea
Next lab test is in 3 weeks. I will get E2 levels checked
T-Mag is the workout bible


I see the problem, doc said not protein post workout… that is insane, so insane that it did not register for me.

If workouts have burned you blood sugars, you do still need some sugars carbs to prevent your body from burning proteins as food.

There are good products to take before a workout too.

You are worried about gaining fat or gaining weight?


You have to replace the glycogen stores in your muscles post workout, so some carbs post workout are necessary. I make a smoothie with almond milk, whey protein powder, kale and some frozen fruit.


Wow, that’s exactly what I was thinking
Smoothie with Almond milk, whey protein powder and organic frozen fruit

More like not wanting to gain weight. Just not that helpful from my family genetic background


I like to throw a veggie in my smoothie as well. 1/4 of a frozen avocado works great. I also buy kale by the ton and put it in the freezer.


16oz gatorade/powerade and 24grams of whey. Shake it and enjoy it. Carbs accelerate the protein into your muscles and restore glycogen stores.