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Post Workout Drink - Creatine and Milk

I am new to muscle building, i usually drink 500ml of milk after working out and then eat chicken with cheese and potatoes after 30 mins ( i dont take take protein powder as my protein intake is already high, i would post my nutrition and exercise routine later on)
Now im thinking of starting creatine after work out with grape juice so should i stop taking milk or i could drink milk after like 10mins or so and then chicken.

Why grape juice with the creatine? I just take it with water (or whatever beverage I have).

@T3hPwnisher I think it’s the idea that creatine is ‘best’ absorbed when consumed at the same time as simple sugars. Y’know, the same idea that continues to sell Celltech and other overpriced creatine/sugar combos.

The last time I actually checked a scientific journal write up, it stated that although consuming creatine with sugars and “loading” at the onset of use can indeed help reach muscle saturation quickly, if you just consume it normally, once daily without the “loading” approach, you will actually reach a higher level of creatine in the muscles albeit requiring a few extra days to achieve.


^Agreed. Wasn’t suggesting that consuming creatine with sugar is the ‘correct’ approach, but was rather commenting on the idea’s origination.

The idea of having creatine with grape juice is that the insulin spike generated by simple sugars enhances muscle cell uptake of creatine. However, I would imagine that taking your creatine right before or during your workout would net the same outcome of enhanced uptake from the mechanism of non-insulin mediated nutrient uptake brought about by muscle contractions.

For this reason, I would always take creatine right before or during workouts. Doing this may allow you to eliminate your conundrum of what fluids to drink after your workout with your creatine. Or you could take both for extra calories and increasing insulin levels after your workout which can enhance anabolic mechanisms like protein synthesis?

Your question was sort of vague for a specific response…