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Post-Workout Deflation Support Group

Looking back, ever since I started training six years ago, I’ve been training bodybuilding style. My phsique is better than most, but I have very little strength, and I only look really jacked for a day after I lift. It’s really depressing. Do any of you have Deflated Bodybuilding Syndrome (DBS)? Have any of you had DBS before and been able to beat it? By strength training, I seem to be getting premanantly bigger. So here’s hoping strength training catches my body up to my muscle size.

Submaximal bodybuilding method training with higher reps and less rest in between sets lends itself more towards sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, or non contractile hypertrophy. This is responsible for the fluid and volume increase in your muscles which you feel deflate rather quickly. Maximal strength training methods increase sarcomere hypertrophy, or increase in size and # of sacrcomeres which comprise myofibrils (actual protein increase in the muscle). So yes by doing regular maximal strength training you’ll develop muscle that lasts although by focusing exclusively on strength training methods you may find initially your size decreases. However what size you have will be more permanent. For a bodybuilder the best method is probably to alternate or do concurrently both types of training. As long as you work towards getting stronger in the basic movements you’ll be building actual functional muscle.

hhhmmmmmm… Is this the same Choad that just called a bunch of other people on the forum pathetic? LOL… Lift some heavy weights and stop doing pussy shit in the gym and maybe one day YOU won’t be pathetic!

Yeah, so far the strength training has really been paying off. My size is starting not to deflate quite as much any more. In fact, I think I’m getting stronger, quicker than most others that I see in the gym. 'Course that’s probably because I actually know what I’m doing now. So for those of you that are newbies and are lifting for size, this is just a warning: if you train for size instead of strength for too long, you might end up being the “weak bodybuilder” until you fix yourself.

I just train for strength. The size will come. How many really strong powerlifters are small?

Gitty up Goldberg. If it’s not functional, I don’t need it, except, of course, when it’s in a periodized program. Give me a warrior/all pro running back physique any day.