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Post-Workout Day Bad Mood

Hello everyone,

So, I am starting bulking out again, I am 25 yo, 6’0, 170 pounds.

I exercise 4 to 5 times a week. I started with light weights to ensure good form, and now I am getting heavier and heavier.

I train, like some bodybuilder said to me at gym “like a beast”. Full intensity, 1 min rest between rest, and at the end I am near death and enjoy my whey shake.

I take whey after training (sometimes before), and casein before bed. Eats more than before too but nothing crazy.

On my rest days, I experience DOMS (not too much a pb) but also a bad mood. My mood is definately worse than when I don’t work.

What can it be ?

Anyone else experience this feeling after working out ? It really kills me. It’s like I wake up depressed. I am normally totally not like this.



Ive never experienced this, but I would suggest going to a doctor and getting your hormone levels checked out.

[quote]Vince_fr wrote:
I exercise 4 to 5 times a week. I started with light weights to ensure good form, and now I am getting heavier and heavier.[/quote]
Exactly how are you training? What days, exercises, sets, and reps?

What are your goals?

Exactly how are you eating?

What did you eat yesterday?

Could be overtraining. If you’re relatively new to lifting, you just increased your training intensity and volume, and your eating is off (plus you’re a skinny dude), you could simply be doing too much too soon for your current recovery abilities.

When your not busy working out you realize what an asshole you are.

[quote]Chris87 wrote:
Ive never experienced this, but I would suggest going to a doctor and getting your hormone levels checked out.[/quote]
I was going to say ^this^ but I usually get flamed for recommending blood work.
But, if you have insurance it is free (after co-pay) so what the hell.

Also Chris has a point.
We will need to know a lot more about you than your OP to even suggest causes.

Thank you for the answers

My goals :

  • Primary : bodybuilding, gain mass, build muscle
  • Secondary (mid / long term) : increase athletic performance

Here is my routine :

  • Monday : Chest
    Bench Press 3 x 6 - 8
    Incline DB Bress : 3 x 6 - 8
    High Cable Flys : 3 * 8 - 12
    Low Cable Flys : 3 * 8 - 12
    Medium Cable Flys : 3 * 8 - 12

Crunches : 3 * failure
Leg Raise : 3 * failure

  • Tuesday : Legs
    Leg extension : 3 * 12 - 15
    Squat : 3 * 6 - 8
    Leg curl : 3 * 12 - 15
    Standing Calves Raise : 3 * 12 - 15
    Romanian Deadlift : 3 * 6 - 8

Leg raise : 3 * failure
Wood chopper : 3 * failure

  • Wednesday : rest

  • Thursday : Back & Shoulders
    Large Grip Lat Pulldown : 3 * 6 - 8
    Reverse pulldown : 3 * 6 - 8
    BB Row : 3 * 6 - 8

Seated DB Press : 3 * 6 - 8
Front DB raise : 3 * 12 - 15
Cable lateral raise (behind the back) : 3 * 8 - 10
Shrugs : 3 * 6 - 8 (if my forearm grip isnt demolished yet)

  • Friday : rest or some cardio

  • Saturday : arms

Preacher curl : 3 * 6 - 8
Alternating DB Biceps curl : 3 * 6 - 8
Concetration curls : 3 * 10 - 15 to burn out the biceps

Triceps dip machine : 3 * 6 - 8
French press : 3 * 6 - 8
Behind head arm DB extension : 3 * 6 - 8

  • Sunday : rest or some cardio

My typical diet on a non WO day :

  • Morning : oatmeal + a fruit + caseine + coffee

  • Midday : meat + some pasta / rice / potates + fruit + coffee

  • snack : small poultry sandwich + sometimes coffee

  • Dinner : Sushi or fish generally, or lean poultry + pasta / rice + yoghurt

  • Before bed : caseine

Same on a WO day, but I take a whey shake after wo.

I usually sleep at midnight, wake up at 7, wo at 8 till 9.

I did a blood test some weeks ago and everything was OK, but I was working out lighter than now.

My Whey / Caseine are from ON, I don’t take any other supplements, considering a multi vit & omega fish oil.

What I experience :

-> DOMS, they were invalidating first, now they are OK
-> Fatigue (especially the wednesday, and saturday) : bad mood, sometimes headaches, lack of energy and motivation. This fatigue goes after I take my first coffee, and comes back in mid afternoon.
-> Slight decrease on my skin quality : a bit more acne

I had 2 years of BB back when I was 20 - 22 and playing basketball.

I am considering stopping completely whey / caseine and I am trying to find heavy protein lean replacement because I think Whey / Caseine are breaking my skin out and upsetting my intestines, but not sure if this is the reason.

That’s a lot of coffee before lunch, likely your too tolerant and have high withdrawal symptoms. Any sugar in your coffee? sugar rush may compound the problem. MultiVitamin? You may want to take one if you don’t you can have some light vitamin deficiencies, vitamin D and zinc specially. How is your bulk diet compare to your regular diet? a few hundred calories won’t hurt but if your all of a sudden stuffing your face too much for your body to digest you can become lethargic.

maybe you need to eat more. are you gaining weight on your current bulk or not?

so… the problem is you feel depressed on the 2-3 days per week you aren’t training?

maybe do some stuff on your off days?? some light cardio or some mobility work or some foam rolling or something??

I am gaining weight… In 1 month I gained like 5 pounds of mass (some fat, but also muscle). I really can see the difference in my body.

The fact is that my diet before BB was horrible : i skipped breakfast or bought pastries (I m from france, you know the delicious pastries at the morning, full of fat and carbs…) and heavy coffee doses, and skipped the dinner most of times.

This is a huge difference now and I imagine my body is just reacting… But it s weird.

Your program could definitely use some improvement. There’s no reason for you to be doing three different fly exercises on chest day and two different pulldown exercises on back day, for example.

You said you train “like a beast.” How many sets are you taking to muscular failure? If it’s more than one set per exercise, you could be burning yourself out.

And again, you may want to simply bump up your calories on your off days. your body’s trying to recover, so might as well give it plenty of fuel to recover/rebuild with.

EDIT: Dude, what the hell? I just commented on the new thread you started about your nutrition. You know, the thread where you describe having serious digestive upset from whey and casein shakes. Stop drinking them then, brainiac.