Post-workout Crash

Never fails… I’ll pump pout a grueling workout, feel totally jacked, then crash HARD about 2 hours afterwards. Anyone else have this problem? What do you do to counter it?

What’s your post workout nutrition like?

Consume a drink containing 50g of maltodextrin/dextrose/glucose and 25g of whey protein. Then 2 hours later eat a carb+protein meal.

are you using a pre workout thermogenic?

Maybe low blood glucose levels from the rasie in insulin from you p/w drink. Make sure you are having a second postworkout meal with moderate GI carbs and protein about 60-90min after your shake. This will offset the blood glucose crash that can occur follow the High GI 1st Postworkout drink.
Such a meal could be rice and chicken.

Otherwise could be a stimulant crash (if you are using E/C/A or something like it), i hate that shite…

Um generally…I eat my man!

If your post workout nutrition is “dialed in” then you should pretty much counter any “crash” that you may be experiencing! Take your pw drink and wait about 60 minutes and consume your first P+C meal.

Could be two things. One post - nutrition like Dave said or if you’re using some type of thermo. w/ ephedra in it. I use to get really amped up w/ ephedra products at 4am to train then bottom out a few hrs later. Hot Rox helped break that cycle.

Thanks for the replies guys. I always use a pw drink with added carbs to recover but I don’t often get a chance to have a meal 60-90 min after… more like 2.5-3.5 hrs after. I’m a teacher and can’t eat since I’m in class. Do you think a second shake, tailored to fit the macro ratio I need would do the trick?

I was having the same problem until I started eating a P + C meal about an hour after my post workout shake.

I personally usually have something like Oatmeal mixed with whey protein and some Yogurt. This has kept me from that hard crash that I used to have heh.

Big Willie, get a shake together, if that’s all you can manage due to your work responsibilities. Personally I find that 15-30 min after my Surge, I get super hungry and if I don’t eat within about an hour, I get extremely tired, cranky etc. If your post workout shake is rich in high glycemic carbs, you’re going to crash and burn after the energy rush passes, so you need to be prepared. Eat as much and as often as necessary to offset this within your post workout window.

i like my crash. its the best sleep i get.

you eat your man?!?!
what part?

I get the same thing…esp after arm workouts. Generally I find the 7 meals I eat post workout (not so much the 1 pre workout) helps me a lot. Not so much the food…but the timing. It’s hard to fall asleep when your eating every 2 hrs (on the dot!).