Post-Workout Cocktails

Hey, T-maggers. I was just curious as to what types of Post-Workout cocktails you guys mix up. Basically, how much protein (what types also), how many calories and how many carbs. Seems to me that the trend has shifted from a high amount of insulin-spiking carbs to a truck-load of protein. Just curious what you guys use, as I’ve been using Coach Poliquin’s recipes for a while now (about 40-50g protein–usually one serving of GROW and 1.5g/kg of carbs). I also tend to have a whole food meal within two hours or less. Thanks, guys.

Grow! with skim milk instead of water. There’s no fat in the milk and it bumps up the carbs. Works in a pinch.

Are you talking post-workout for mass or for fat loss? For mass, I do the following: 1 serving Grow, 1 bowl of corn flakes and 8 oz. grape juice w. creatine and/or glutamine. Works quite well. Rice Krispies or Cocoa Krispies could be used too as they have the same insulin spiking level as the corn flakes.

Usually strawberry Myoplex (still got a bunch to use up) or Grow! with Prolab Performance Creatine (fruit punch), and a little flax oil. I don’t care what anyone says, I like a little more fat in my post workout shake! I also add about 5 more grams of L-glutamine, along with 1000mg. Vitamin C, 400 IU Vitamin E, green tea extract (250 mg.) and grape seed extract (all potent antioxidants).

Good call on your chosen antioxidants, maclar. I also really like alpha lipoic acid in relatively high doses too. The massage therapist that I go to is really high on CoQ10 too for an antioxidant, but she says to take it in small doses like 10 mg. Excess doses of this supposedly have an adverse effect on recovery/muscle growth.

currently i get about 80-100g of protein in the form of whey and 150g of Carbs from Maltodextrin and/ or dextrose (Warning: more than like 70g of dextrose is REALLY sweet- sickeningly sweet to me.

I get the protein and sugar for cheap at the ProteinFactory.

Let me tell you what tastes absolutely phenomenal:1 cup water,1cup milk,2scoops Vanilla GROW!,and 1 scoop of Chocolate Champion Nutrition Heavyweight Gainer 900. Make sure your liquids are really cold. I think this covers the bases as far as sugars and protein grams etc. I’ll go double check. There’s no question that it tastes amazing.

I use about 28ounces of milk mixed with hersheys dark chocolate syrup and 90 grams of whey protein and one tablespoon of natural peanutbutter. I know theres a lot of fat in it but i know i get a good insulin response because im usually fighting to stay awake thirty minutes later. Im also hungry about an hour later. Then again when am I not hungry. I know its not very scientific but im gaining weight and im getting very strong in the gym. I have a very good outlook on life. If you do something and it doesnt make much of a difference then why do it. With apologies to Poliquin, I used to be religious with his post workout shake but i gradually changed to my current regimen and have noticed no differences.