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Post workout cereal II


To the nutrition gurus here:

After your cereal or your homemade drink how much time do you have to wait until your next meal, 2 hours or less? What foods and in what quantity would be a good idea for this meal?


Experiment on the timing…it can’t be possible that it’s the same for everyone.

And re-read the first cereal thread for exactly what foods to eat…that thing was mainly speaking to the second PWO meal.


There have actually been some studies suggesting that nutrient timing after training isn’t as critical as we are lead to belive. Some have even said that the post-workout meal can still be equally effective for stimulating anabolism up to 3 hours later!!! However, another study (done on older folks) suggested that when the post-workout meal was delayed two hours these subjects saw absolutely no gains.

Personally, I’d play it safe by ingesting my PWO meal immediately after training. Then, to take advantage of the reported three hour window I’d have my corn pops (had to put that in there) two hours later.

I always have my 2nd post meal one hour or so after training but yeah I think it is something you’ll have to tinker with and see what works best with your body and goals.

Here’s CW’s take on it when bulking here.

As a note, see how agathos mentions “honeycombes”? :slight_smile:

In faith,

Im in the crowd that waits 45-60 minutes after my PWO drink to eat my next P+C meal. Experimentation is EXACTLY what I did too. I tried 15 minutes, I tried 30…but 45-60 workrd best for me. And since I am “bulking” now, I wait another 60-90 minutes and have yet another (albeit smaller) P+C meal. Then its P+F till next morning. I LOVE bulking…haha.

It seems that the standard window for carbs is an hour, but for protein it could be after an hour and for at least 24 hours thereafter. Multiple post workout drinks/meals may be an option depending on the type of protein used… Barring that, carbs from a second meal are probably okay 30 minutes after the first drink/meal (assuming a high GI carb is used), since most of the glucose (or malto) is going to be absorbed by that point. Unfortunately we want blood sugar to be steady while amino acid levels should osciallate, making the issue of a post workout mixed meal more complicated. As soon as solid foods are intorduced, forget about the anabolic effect of protein.

Hey there DB,

Didn’t the study from your lab give protein and carbs either 1 hour or 3 hours post exercise? It’s been a while since I first saw it, but I believe this was the case. Why no carbs beyond 30 minutes then?

OK, thanks.

BTW: a good cereal? And please describe what they are and not the brand because in my country besides kellogs all the other brands do no exist. Are Froot Loops good? Have they a forbidden ingredient(like soy?) I tried them yesterday and half an hour later i was sweating and ready to lift a car…

BTW: a lot of products have soy lecitin as emulsifer. what?s this? is bad? or there is too little of it on them to consider it a problem?