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Post Workout Cardio and Surge

I know this was covered before but I can’t find it anywhere, when does John Berardi recommend taking Surge if doing cardio post-workout? I am planning on a fat-loss cycle using his Massive Eating combos but lower calories and post-workout cardio, BUT want to get all the benefits of Surge too!! Thanks Matt

I have searched both the mag and the forum for over an hour now. I am sure Mr. Berardi stated somewhere that he does cardio after training with weights to stay lean, but I can’t find whether he uses Surge after resistance training or waits until post cardio. If anyone recalls or if the man himself is out there… Just give me the article name and I will reread it! Thanks, Matt

After the cardio cuz when you exercise the epi,norepi,glucagon and cortisol release prevents insulin release.

Matt, I remember John saying that he still took the Surge AFTER his cardio workout. So hit the weights, do your cardio, and then down the Surge. I too am now doing the same thing! Hopefully, it will work to help me get leaner.

I believe he mentioned that he drinks Surge after he is done with pw cardio.

“I also do 30 min of cardio after the gatorade is finished before I drink my Surge.” (J.M. Berardi: Pre-workout drink thread)