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Post Workout Carbs


How much Carbs is too much post workout? I read on here that somebody stated they eat most/all their cabrs right after they workout. I always eat carbs (and whey) after my workout (which is early am before owrk) but always thought that more than 40 grams of carbs at once would be to many. So is this not the case?

Keep in mind on my typical day I only consume 100-130 grams of carbs/day (small person here!)

I typically eat 30-40 gr/carbs right after I workout (and fast/sugary carbs) and then another 30-40 gr/carbs another 2-3 hours later and then the rest is spread out throughout the day in veg/fruit and such.

My question is then would it be best to consume 70-80 grams/carbs right after I work out and then eat minimal carbs for the rest of the day or keep doing what I'm doing now?


Well are you cutting, bulking, or what? That kinda makes a huge difference


And what kind of workout?



In general...keep doing what you're doing (of course, as others have suggested, vary it some depending on goals).

On a LOT of Forums, this is often a confusing issue because of the way people state it. When the reccomendation is made to consume most of your carbs post workout...it means during the entire post workout period... NOT just immediately post workout.

That time frame can represent a few hours.

That's exactly what you are doing now.




Workout meaning little cardio (10-20 mins) and 45 mins of lifting.

I'm more cutting right now as I have a show in 7 weeks but I'm not hard core cutting (more maintaining) for another few weeks. I need to go from 16%BF whre I am now to 12% in these 7 upcoming weeks. Any suggestions as to when to seriiously start cutting? I figure 4 weeks out?


An interesting note on total carb amount per meal...

Did you know that in order to stimulate insulin secretion high enough to improve skeletal muscle uptake of creatine, 100g of high-glycemic index carbs may be necessary?* This is a LOT but not too much for a hard training guy who's consuming 2800-3000 kcal as most men do. But yes, as always, goals come into play.

(*Not disagreeing with Mufasa's sane comment, just putting out an FYI.)


LL, over what period of time might this 100g of high-glycemic carbs be taken?