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Post Workout Carbs

Could someone please tell me what is the best carb source to be taken after a workout, with whey protein. Ideally, I would like to be able to mix this in with my protein powder. Is a high GI carb the best kind to use, one with a lot of simple sugars? I have heard that maltodextrin is reccomended by some, but that it is expensive, and I would prefer to use some type of “household” food source.

I just purchased an eight pound bucket of complex carbs powder for only $20. In my book, it’s a fine price, and not expensive at all. For that first post-workout shake, the powdered carbs are best as they’ll most quickly work their way into your system and go to work. If you insist on “real food” for your immediate post-workout carbs, try dry rice cakes and/or bananas.

I don’t know if this is the best but i use low fat ice cream or frozen yogurt. it’s like a real milkshake, and my ass wants to fall into a deep sleep after i drink it.

Maltodextrin is the best post-workout carb source and if you know where to find it, it’s also the cheapest. Check in the yellow pages for a local wine-making supply shop and you can buy it in bulk very cheaply. I can get it for $55.00 for a 50 lb bag and since it’s local, there’s no shipping charges either.


I agree with John. Maltodextrin is really inexpensive. I also get my maltodextrin for $20 for 8 lbs. It works out to 14.6 cents per 25 grams of carbs. A banana is around 25 grams and cost 25-50 cents. I don’t think you could get a cheaper food comparison. Unless of course you like to grind up your cooked white rice. I’ll pick convenience over saving 5-10 cents per drink.

One place to look is at places that have home beer brewing and wine making supplies, they usually carry the stuff pretty cheap!

Maltodextrin is the most practical and cost effective but isn’t flavored so it will taste like whatever flavor protein you mix it with. TwinLab’s Ultra Fuel is also a good choice. It’s comprised of 70% maltodextrin and 30% fructose. If you are a fan of kool-aid you’ll love it. If you choose Ultra fuel you’ll probably have to use a vanilla protein since the flavors are fruit punch, grape, orange and lemon-lime.

GRAPE JUICE my friends. It is loaded with glucose and that’s what you want post workout for fast absorption. I mix it with two scoops of Twinlab’s Ultra fuel and two scoops of whey protein isolate. Tastes good and does the trick.

A higher GI food is better post-workout. T-mag verifies this, too. Honey is good, as well as gatorade or rice cakes, potatoes, maltodextrin (sp?).

Go to any nutrition store or bulk food store and pick up some dextrose if you want a sweet tasting high GI carb. I buy it for 0.79 a pound. I doubt “real” food is cheaper then that gram for gram.

When your are buying your malto, be sure that DE-value (dextrose-equivalent value) is low. 6 or lower, even is 18 is a real crap. I use 0,5 and 6 in my pw meal.
the higher the value is the lowest quality.A little test might indicate it. If it instantly mixes with water it’s probably are the higher DE. Be sure that you drink a lot water with post-meal to get max absorbtion. no fat of course.

How many grams of carbs should I injest following a workout, from any of these sources mentioned? I intend to take creatine with grape juice about an hour after this post workout meal. Right now I plan to use enough grape juice to provide around 90g of carbs, so that it is similiar to Creatine AC or other products like that.

R, if you are going to take creatine/grape juice…take it immediately post workout. Wait 30-60 minutes and take your post workout shake. I would cut the grape juice to 45g and make the post-shake 40p and 50-100c.

I’ve purchased dextrose inexpensively, but wasn’t sure what quantity to use after a workout. If I lift for one hour, doing about 24 sets, how much dextrose do I need to take afterwards to replentish glycogen? Are we talking about a matter of tablespoonsful, or a pile of it? Any easily-measured amount you could suggest would be appreciated.

2 Tablespoons of honey with whey protein is the best and cheapest!

Smokinghawk, try the post-exercise protocol recommended by CP in T-mag #75.