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Post Workout Carbs


I have been using Surge Recovery pwo for a while and it's great but too expensive for a teenager like me. I was wondering if anyone has ideas for getting the carbs I need pwo. I'm going to get some inexpensive whey for protein so that is covered.


gartorade and a whey shake.


get anything thats inexpensive (your price range) carb wise. Gatorade, like Kerley said or anything really lol.


I'm pretty sure buying Gatorade every day costs as much as or more than Surge.


This is true, maybe if I buy the powder in bulk it will be manageable though. Worth looking in to.


The powder is better anyways. The liquid is all HFCS.


Yeah you buy the tub of gatorade for 6 or 7 bucks and add a bit to your whey and voila. You just created a highly potent post workout drink. Throw some creatine in there and now you ballin. Blender bottle is my best friend, I love her.


Mighty Stu's Pop Tarts?




Buy a tub of dextrose or maltodextrin for 15$ that will last around 2 months.


if you can get your parents to start buying chocolate skim milk, then that'll be the good purely from a low cost, yet moderately effective standpoint.

Back when I was 16 or so, I just drank a whey shake and had a glass of grape juice.


A can of tuna and a glass of OJ, groundbreaking shit!


Out of curiosity, how is gatorade any different than colas or juice? Other than some electrolytes, which most people don't need and we're talking about a carb source anyhow.

Does it really matter that much?


I go with oats, a banana and some jam/honey
I do not think it really matters, aslong as ur getting quick carbs PWO


Whey shake with a white bagel or 4-5 rolls of sushi.


It doesn't matter much, just eat something. If you feel beat down, something sweet wouldn't hurt.


Oatmeal and Metabolic Drive FTW.


The big malt-o-meal bags of frosted flakes mixed with a protein shake. It is the highlight of my day.



expensive but with this shit pre and post workout i blow up like a balloon and my recovery has been through the roof.


It's not but I just find the tub they sell at say wal-mart economical and long last since all I use it for is my pwo's. Though urine is better than cola.