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Post Workout Carbs/Pancreas/Insulin


Hey guys,

I was just wondring if it's a good idea health wise to consume massive amounts of high GI carbs during and post workout.

JB says to consume .4g protein/kg and .8g carbs/kg both during and post workout.

So for me that equals 40g protein and 80g high GI carbs both during and post-workout

Isn't 80g high GI carbs both during and post workout a lot? Will I develop pancrease problems and get diabetes?

Any input would greatly be appreciated.



Consumption of carbs does not cause diabetes.

I've yet to see anyone keel over and die from drinking a quart of gatorade.


Thats sugar!!!
Don't drink it.
Carbs make you fat!


Like totally, let me go get my Hydroxycut and fast for a week so maybe I can loose that fat from my gatoradeee.



Nope, shouldn't be a problem. When you take in high GI carbs during/after a workout, you're mainly looking at insulin independent glucose uptake. To put it non-scientifically but somewhat accurately, insulin works by pushing nutrients into the muscle cells. But after a workout, when your muscles are somewhat glycogen-depleted, they're just sucking up the glucose. So there's not as much of an insulin spike as you might think there should be from all that sugar. Also, even if there were, spiking insulin a few times a week doesn't cause any harm in an otherwise healthy person.