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Post-Workout Carbs During Cutting Phase

Hey guys,
My usual post-workout intake consists of 50-75 grams of simple carbs in the form of fruit juice or an equivilent, 10 grams creatine, and 25g protein. I follow this 30-45 minutes later with an additional 50g of protein. I am starting an 8 weeks cutting cycle, and I recall reading in the “foods that make you look good nekid” article that the kind of processed carbs in store bought fruit juice are a poor source of carbs during a cutting cycle. Because post-workout is the only time I consume this type of carb, is this ok…or is there a better source? Fruit juice is the only cheap, highly absorbable carb source suitable for post-workout that I know of/have access to. What does your post-workout intake look like? A side note…As a “poor” college student, I feel like it is a little bit on the expensive side to pay for carb supplements (surge, etc…). Any cheaper solutions? Any thoughts, opinions, experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Guys.


Alan - as a fellow poor starving college student, let me tip you off onto possibly one of the best undiscovered carb sources around.
INSTANT MASHED POTATOS. 0 fat, and bar none, one of the best foods to send your blood sugar/insulin levels into the stratosphere. Oh yeah, they are DIRT cheap.

Correction, fruit juice is bad ALL the time.

Ever notice how college students can’t afford proper nutrition but can always afford beer and video games? :wink:

I’m not sure why you’re waiting 30-45 minutes after your workout for that last 50g of protein. Studies have indicated optimum absorbtion of nutrients in a carb/protein drink occurs when taken immediately before a workout. Of course, immediately after a workout ain’t bad either, but the closer you ingest that stuff after your workout, the better IMO. I’ve used Poweraid (32 oz/76g carb) with 2 scoops of vanilla whey protein (44g) and 5g of creatine after workouts with good success. Tastes pretty good, too, and if you buy your Poweraide at one of the discount stores, doesn’t cost that much, either. Also, because I like the insulin spike to get the nutrients into the muscles faster after the workout, I personally don’t worry about it when trying to cut up. (Maybe that’s why I’m far</> from being cut up right now! Hmmmm…)

TEK, if you can’t spend your college years drinking and playing video games all day, when can you?

Did I leave that bold on? Sorry! Let’s see if I can undo it Testing, testing… m

I drink 32 oz of gatorade(made with the powder) and then down 2 servings of grow right after.

Ok, I’m done with fruit juice. Instant potatoes sounds interesting, I’ll try it out.

The reason I wait for the additional 50g is because I was under the impression that too much protein with my initial post-workout intake will slow nutrient uptake. I thought I read this in an article, but I’m probably wrong. Thanks guys.