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Post-Workout Carb Source

i was wondering what my carb source should be post workout. i dont have access to the fancy stuff like Surge because i live in norway where everythins a rip off but ive got protein powder at least which nearly broke the bank lol.

i know i need a high gi food but im unsure what the source should be. would corn flakes be ok. i need about 40-80g carbs in that meal and im beginnin a diet. i have about 5-10lbs to lose. i know that dextrose or maltodextrin is used by most but i dont have money for it this week anyway.

Cereal will do yeah.

It may sound funny but Corn Flakes would actually be decent. You could also try table sugar (sucrose) with your protein.

white rice, white bread, white potato, skim milk (chocolate)

just a few more choices