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Post Workout Carb Question

In the coming months I will be working on tightening up a bit and I’m looking at tweaking my carb intake some. Basically, my question is if I am having 75 carbs pre workout and 25 g peri workout how many carbs will I need post workout to get recovery started but also keeping in mind that not adding fat is the primary concern. Typically I consume 75g post workout.

Any thoughts from our experienced guys on a figure I should shoot for post workout? I have a good bit of mass and am looking to still add muscle but want to limit the fat gain as much as possible, I’m wondering if 75g post is overkill when I am already supplementing pre/peri? I dunno.

Hoping our vets will chime in here! And please, no offense, but if you are relatively inexperienced or don’t really know what you are talking about please don’t throw out random suggestions, thanks.

To be honest, I have about 180g of carbs post workout.

have you looked at Thib’s Peri-Workout Nutrition protocol thread? He has claimed a few times that if you nail the protocal you can pretty much build muscle while being at maintenence calorie levels for the day. He mentioned that one of his clients was contest ready but still 10lbs over or something crazy like that so they had to cut him down even more. I think loading up even more pre-workout 100-200g carbs and then going with just some plain whey with a touch of extra leucine thrown in is what Thib calls for in his peri-workout thread. something like that.

I feel like the peri-workout window is the one time of the day when you can really flip the anabolic switch. use the rest of your day to slim down a bit, but read through Thib’s Peri-Workout Nutrition thread. I imagine you’ll find the answer there.

good luck with the tightening Waylander.

I would go for what you normally do. I had 80grams pre and 80grams post with no problem. You should be fine with it, plus you’ve got an easy 90-100lbs on me. Just tweak the rest of the nutrition throughout the day maybe, to stay lean.

Way if I remember correctly you hold your fat like me, love handle/above your ass? I’m not sure there’s a perfect way but what about getting your carbs pre-wo and maybe even during, but cutting them well before you’re done. Get your cardio in after lifting and cut your carbs the rest of the day. I would think your insulin would be spiked high enough during your workout and you burn off the carbs you need during lifting, that the cardio afterward would start to tap into fat. Then keeping the carbs low the rest of the day would be a pretty optimal approach I would think…

[quote]Nate112 wrote:
To be honest, I have about 180g of carbs post workout.[/quote]

You must be Huge!

BTW guys the only carbs I have during the day are either 1-2 cups of oats with my breakfast and my pre/peri/post workout carbs, so that’s why I’m looking at manipulating that.

hmm thanks mikepop, I might try that. Keep carbs the same just increase them pre/peri and cut them back post.

See nate, that’s the dumb shit I was talking about lol.

Thanks for the posts fellas. Any other suggestions?

Hmnnn when I was cycling my carbs and cals and getting down to the wire, even on my low-low-low days I would have my PWO pop tart, which was about 30g or so, then try to stay as close to a keto-approach for the rest of the day as I could (and sip my BCAAs peri-workout).

This was of course before Thibs started discussing all his Peri-Theories, so my approach may seem a bit outdated to those who have been following his every word on here (not a bad thing certainly), but I believe I held on to a boat load of my LBM when dieting, so I think it definitely contributed to the PWO ‘window’ theory.