Post Workout Carb/Protein drink

I’m recovering from ACL surgery so I have to concentrate on upper body workouts on alternate days and then an ab workout along with my stationary bike rehab.

My question concerns my carb/protein shake afterwards. Obviously I drink my Surge after my Super Strength workout, but should I be downing this amount of carbs after a 30 minute (relatively low intensity workout) stint on the bike? Should I definately be taking my Surge after my 12 weeks Ian King ab workout AND the stationary bike?

I’m just afraid to chug all of those carbs after just riding the bike if it’s not going to do any good. Thanks!


I’m not sure I can offer an answer but from what I read John Berardi has said that cardio can increase glucose and amino uptake in muscle for sometime after exercise…so it seems it would be okay to take surge after your bike workouts…I don’t see how it would hurt you as long as the rest of your diet is in order. I would also recommend sifting the T-mag archives for more info try a search with Berardi or Surge to start…hope that helps.

abnheel, take your Surge following your upper body workout. Same as always. I wouldn’t recommend Surge for cardio & abs.